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Don’t Judge Meachem So Fast
August 27, 2007

What are for friends for? My good friend sent me these stats tonight:

His e-mail and facts are a rebutal to my previous blog about Saints first rounder Robert Meachem being a bust.

There were six receivers taken in the 1st round this year……here is their preseason production so far (as of 8/24):

Calvin Johnson – 2 catches, 45 yards
Ted Ginn Jr – 1 catch, 9 yards
Dwayne Bowe – 1 catch, 21 yards
Robert Meachem – 4 catches, 32 yards, 1 TD
Craig Davis – 3 catches, 20 yards
Anthony Gonzelez – 3 catches, 40 yards


Meachem A Bust!
August 24, 2007

During Thursday nights preseason slaughter of Kansas City 11 different Saints receivers caught at least 1 pass.


The 1 receiver on the whole team who did not have a catch?

1st round draft pick Robert Meachem!

I know it’s far too early to write the guy off as a bust but it’s looking more and more like his rookie year will be a total wash.

A redshirt if you will.

I wrote countless times that the Saints should have used the 27th overall pick in the 1st round on Ohio St. WR Anthony Gonzalez or USC WR Steve Smith.

Only time will tell if I’m correct but after 4 preseason games it’s looking more and more like I will be.

Fife or Plako?
August 22, 2007

This afternoon (Tuesday) the Saints cut quarterback Matt Baker.

The 3rd string QB job is now down to 2 candidates; Jason Fife and Tyler Palko.

I think both of these guys do certain things well.

And maybe I’m crazy but right now I’d keep Jason Fife.

Smart, strong arm, poised in the pocket and a guy that has a good understanding of the offense.

Concern For Colston?
August 22, 2007

Saints wide receiver Marques Colston is still not practicing due to a sore knee. He had an MRI exam and thankfully all tests showed no damage what so ever.

But, should fans be worried?

Perhaps. Colston says if this were the regular season he’d be playing.

I just don’t want this to turn into a lingering injury he deals with all season and that slows his production.

Should The Saints Sign A Back-Up QB???
August 19, 2007

The names aren’t good ones; Chris Weinke…Rob Johnson…Jeff George! One guy I do like is Koy Detmer.

Those are 4 of the guys I found with starting NFL experience who are currently unemployed.

As bad as Saints back-up Jamie Martin played last night against Cincinnati should the Saints be looking to invest in another veteran QB?

Sure, if Drew Brees goes down the season is probably over….but shouldn’t we at least have a guy on the roster players, coaches & fans have confidence in?

Maybe coach Sean Payton should cut Matt Baker, Jason Fife (I think Fife is the best of these 3) & Tyler Palko and sign a vet.

Just a thought….sign Koy Detmer!!!!!

Saints Cincy Live Blog #21
August 19, 2007

Saints win, Saints win!

1-2 overall in the preseason for the black and gold.

Saints 27 Cincinnati 19


Saints Cincy Live Blog #20
August 19, 2007

Former LSU Tiger Skylar Green just caught a touchdown for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Nice grab, he beat Saints rookie Usama Young to the goal line for the score.

Hopefully green can stick with the Bengals as a receiver and return man.

27 to 19 Saints lead with just :02 remaining in the game.

Saints Cincy Live Blog #19
August 19, 2007

Matt Baker….back on track. 7 of 13 for 74 yards.

Not bad….showing he can move the team.

Should be an interesting decision…should coach Sean Payton keep him Tyler Palko or Jason Fife?????

Decisions, decisions!

27 to 12 Saints. Another field goal from Olindo.

Saints Cincy Live Blog #17
August 19, 2007

Welcome to the NFL Matt Baker.

First series…..3 plays, 2 sacks….The second if which was a monster hit.

Lets hope it gets better for old Matt or his 2 week career with the Saints will be over quick.

Rookie runningback Antonio Pittman missed yet another block and looks terrible picking up coverages.

Saints Cincy Live Blog #16
August 19, 2007


Tremaine Hall #14… punt return for a score….amazing run!

But all for not!

2 penalties on the play. 1 on rookie linebacker #50 Marvin Mitchell (block in the back) and 1 on #32 Curry Burns (holding).

Nice job guy.

Hall looked sharp returning that punt.

He may have just made someone elses team! The Saints have no room him. But great run.