Saints Steelers Grades:

I guess you could call this the ‘Saints’ and ‘Sinners” from last night’s putrid preseason game:


Back-Up QB Jason Fife: 5-7 and a touchdown. The 2nd year pro from Oregon played better then second teamer Jamie Martin. He showed a grasp of the offense and good poise.
Grade: A

Defensive End Will Smith: A sack and a hurry in the 1st quarter. The guy is the best defensive player on the field. He’s under contract for 2007 & 2008 but if the Saints are smart they’ll get him a deal he likes before this season ends.
Grade: A

Kicker Olindo Mare: 1st kick off the preseason, a touchback. Nice job. Mare led all NFL kickers last year in touchbacks and seems off to a good start again. Mare didn’t have a shot a field goal but he did nail an extra point.
Grade: B+


Mike McKenzie, Jason David, Jason Kraft: 3 veteran cornerbacks, 3 pathetic games. All got burned on stop and go stutter routes. And not just burned, but tourched! The Saints play lots of man-to-man coverage so this group better start stepping it up. Their is reason for concern Saints fans!!!
Grade: F

Back-Up QB Jamie Martin: Not bad, not good….Just Jamie Martin! Very very average! If Jason Fife and Tyler Palko keep playing solid ball in the preseason I’d think about cutting Martin.
Grade: C-


2 Responses

  1. The Saints need to get rid of McKenzie, he can’t cover or tackle. The secondary sucks.

  2. I definitely agree with these grades! I hope that the Saints win their game against the Bengals this weekend, & that Brady Quinn will get to play in this Saturday’s Browns-Lions game.

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