Should The Saints Sign A Back-Up QB???

The names aren’t good ones; Chris Weinke…Rob Johnson…Jeff George! One guy I do like is Koy Detmer.

Those are 4 of the guys I found with starting NFL experience who are currently unemployed.

As bad as Saints back-up Jamie Martin played last night against Cincinnati should the Saints be looking to invest in another veteran QB?

Sure, if Drew Brees goes down the season is probably over….but shouldn’t we at least have a guy on the roster players, coaches & fans have confidence in?

Maybe coach Sean Payton should cut Matt Baker, Jason Fife (I think Fife is the best of these 3) & Tyler Palko and sign a vet.

Just a thought….sign Koy Detmer!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Yes, the Saints should sign a back-up QB. All the football teams should have back-up QBs signed on their roster.

  2. I think the Saints should first and foremost get rid of Jamie Martin. Then they can concentrate on developing any/all of the other three. If, God forbid, Drew should get hurt, I think either Palko, Fife or Baker could be a great back-up QB.

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