Fife or Plako?

This afternoon (Tuesday) the Saints cut quarterback Matt Baker.

The 3rd string QB job is now down to 2 candidates; Jason Fife and Tyler Palko.

I think both of these guys do certain things well.

And maybe I’m crazy but right now I’d keep Jason Fife.

Smart, strong arm, poised in the pocket and a guy that has a good understanding of the offense.


2 Responses

  1. Even with Palko’s jitters likely due to the cuts coming up, the team seemed much sharper under his command. Granted hand to Thomas(what an amazing performance he had) was the play of the day, but things still seemed to be moving along well.

    Fife also had a good showing a while back and I’d imagine he’ll get some good work against Miami to help with the decision.

    But I have to say, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the answer to this question is BOTH with Martin getting the pink slip.

    We have too many weapons to be limited to Martin’s weaker arm and poor play vision (looking at Bush’s potential break away TD last week)

  2. It is a shame how the Saints cut Fife from the team, because he is a good QB. Palko plays well, but I think that Fife is a better QB than him.

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