Talkin’ Trash: Saints take on Colts

I’ve got to say I’m not a big trash-talking guy. I always say winners should always act as if they know how to win and losers should take a loss graciously.

But since this blog is about Talkin’ Trash, I’m going to channel my best Terrell Owens. My trash talking is of course about the Colts.

I think the Saints will beat Indy tonight, and Will Smith will work Indy QB Peyton Manning over! Mark my words, two sacks for Smith!

Also, big night for Deuce McAllister: two red zone touchdowns.

Look, the Colts are soft, and the Saints will do to them what they did to Dallas on national TV last year: Embarrass them!


3 Responses

  1. Mackel,

    You need some Neon Deion shoes for better walkin the walk & talkin the (trash) talk.

    -C. Friedrichs

  2. I would say it is the Saints that were embarassed on National TV. You and all other Saints fans need to move on from the Cowboys game last season. Saints fans are the worst fans in the NFL. Will the paper bags make an appearance next week? WHO DAT?

  3. The Saints are the best!!

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