Ugh!!!! But Still Book The Tickets To Phoenix.

Okay, okay Saints fans … this was was a stinker! Not the best way to start the season. The defense looked over matched, especially last year’s achillies heal … the defensive back field. Jason David is a stand up guy who admitted in the post game presser that his play was awful. Not the best homecoming for him. He and Mike McKenzie have to step it up, they are two of the highest paid players on the team and must play much better than game one in Indy to justify their money. The offense never really got started. The Colts seemed to have the Saints number all season. Last year coach Sean Payton used the run with Deuce and Reggie to keep other teams off balance and open up the passing game. The Colts did not bite, at all in game one. No one seemed fooled. At times, it looked like the Colts had 15 defenders on the field. For the first time in his tenure as a Saint, Drew Brees seemed rushed and could not find the open receiver. He also had too many balls batted at the line of scrimage. That has to change. All that said … I believe the Saints will rattle off about 4 wins in a row! This game will serve as a wake up call, these guys will realize that 2006 is over and it’s time to really turn it on. They lost to the defending Super Bowl champs … I believe the Saints can get to the big game in Phoenix in ’08, but they learned tonight the team they may be facing in that game is much better … at least right now.


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  1. The Saints will do great this year!! Also, I bet that the Cleveland Browns do well!

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