Talkin’ Trash

I didn’t get that much sleep last night….and maybe I shouldn’t say this becuase the “Mackel Mouth” is famous for picking losers….but…I think the Saints are gonna open a can on the Bucs!

Just like last year down in Florida…..a Saints rout!

Saints 24 Bucs 10

We shall see.


2 Responses

  1. OMG..Theses Saints are like the old ones the LOSING SAINTS from years ago… they suck today like they did the last game they lost.. I feel sorry for those who are spending all those bucks to see a losing team…. where is my paper bag… I think I will need to get it out of storage again….

  2. Where’s my paper bag …. I am going to take it our of storage… Man what the heck happened to them in the last month… the OLD SAINTS have showed up again… Not the WINNING TEAM OF 2006… Is it because their heads got so swollen from last year they don’t have their feet on the ground or something … If I were Peyton I would be so ticked off … I would have their heads on a platter…

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