Supa Saint…..A MUST WATCH!!!

This guy has a great cult following.

His stuff is awesome!

After 2 disasterous losses watching this guys stuff puts a smile on my face.


3 Responses

  1. This is a cool video!

  2. Fletcher…Help! You’ve gotta do what you can to get the Saints to resurrect last season! Disinter what they buried and get a Voudoun from the quarter to raise it up again or the season is doomed!

  3. Fletcher,
    I’m not a big football junkie that has to have 24/7 gridiron – some might call me a “Sunshine Fan” – but I do like to be entertained. So far this season the Saints are falling short on that score. I don’t mind watching a team lose if they do it with spark and fire.
    My take on the team: Until they show some of that fire and gotta-have-it determination like 2006, the faithful will continue to be disappointed.

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