2001 or 2007?

Remember the magical 2000 football season, Saints fans??

The Rams’ Az Hakim fumbling a punt return, securing the Saints first-ever playoff victory … an amazing moment.

Rookie head caoch Jim Haslett was the NFL Coach of the Year, and the future looked bright with young talent like Aaron Brooks, Ricky Williams, and Kyle Turley.

In fact, many experts predicted the Saints would make a serious Super Bowl push in 2001 — but it never happened.

Aaron Brooks crumbled when given leadership responsibilities…

Kyle Turley mentally melted down. Who could ever forget his helmet-tossing incident against the Jets on national TV?

And Ricky Williams … well, what can we say …. he became the Rickey we all know today — completely flaking out.

So, after a dream season in 2006 — a year in which a Saints rookie head coach was named NFL Coach of the Year, a year that saw new stars like Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Marques Colston emerge — what will be the fate of the 2007 Saints?

Will they be the same old Saints of the pas, following history and tanking out after a little success, just like the 2001 team?

Or will they rewrite history and become consistent winner the city longs for?


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