Meachem or Sullivan???

I hate to harp on the negative … but I would not be doing my job if I didn’t pose this question to you all in the blogger world. Is Saints 1st round draft pick, WR Robert Meachem, a worse pick then DE Jonathan Sullivan was in 2003?
No one will argue that Sullivan goes down as one of the worst busts in NFL draft history let alone Saints draft history. The former 6th over-all pick was over weight, over paid and is out of the league after 3 meaningless season’s with Saints.
Is Robert Meachem following the same path? I hated the choice of Meachem on draft day. We reported on this blog back in April that the Saints should take WR Anthony Gonzales from Ohio State. They did not. Gonzales went a fews picks after the Saints selected and is one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets for the Colts. Another player sitting there when the Saints picked … Miami TE Greg Olson. A lenghty pass catcher who is shining right now on a so-so Bears team. (Paging Saints Tight Ends!!! Has anyone seen Eric Johnson or Billy Miller this season?)
Meachem came to camp out of shape and out of practice. He did not run clean routes, dropped passes and looked bad over-all. All indications are he would have been cut if not guaranteed a 1st round contract and money. He has been inactive for the Saints first three games. To put that in perspective … QB Tyler Palko has been active the last 2 weeks. As much as I like Palko … the 3rd string QB position is one that will never be used in a game that is meaningful. The Saints receivers have dropped passes (Devry), looked slow(Patten) and missed reads (Copper). All thw while Meachem is on the sideline dressed in street clothes … just like Sullivan he may want to get used to it … because at this rate, it could be a short stint in the NFL. A friend recently told me it’s karma … last year we got a 1st round quality receiver in the 7th round (Colston) … this year we take what looks to be a 7th round quality receiver in the first (Meachem). KARMA????


2 Responses

  1. I agree: I think that Meachem is following in the path of Sullivan. Like you said, the Saints could have drafted Ohio State’s Anthony Gonzalez this past year. Also, they had the chance to draft either Troy Smith, Paul Posluzny, Dwayne Jarrett, or Greg Olson. I still wish they would have drafted Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn, when they had the chance. He is doing well with the Cleveland Browns, & I know that he will be their franchise QB. I wonder why the Saints drafted Meachem?

  2. Fletcher: I know that the Saints are good for the New Orleans area, but this year they will fall flat on their faces, unless Mr. Benson makes some changes. Last year the Saint had a fantastic season going all the way to the NFC Championship Game. In 2006 the arena football team, voodoo did not play. The name voodoo is witchcraft and is related to devil worship. God will not bless anything that is connected to devil worship. The 2007 voodoo team was 5 wins and 11 loses.
    Mr. Benson need to rename the arena football team to any other name that does not support witchcraft and do it soon, Other wise the Saints will also have a 5W and 11L season.

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