Run Reggie Run …

Here it is … after all the talk, the hoopla, the can he or can’t he, is he a running back or wide receiver talk … Reggie Bush is the man. A featured running back in the NFL. All be it, it’s by default with the season ending injury to Deuce McAllister. Will Reggie step up. Only time will tell, he has 13 more games to show all his doubters that he can carry the ball 20-25 times a game, take a pounding and deliver one to would be tacklers. The good news is this … the Saints offense runs primarily out of the 2 back set deploying FB Mike Karney as a lead blocker the majority of the time. Karney will be counted on to open up holes for Bush more so then he did for the bruising McAllister. The offense will be tweaked a little bit to suit Reggie style, but I believe he can suceed in the NFL as a featured back. Remember this, Tiki Barber, Marshall Faulk and LaDanian Tomlinson were all considered to be small “scat” backs who could not take on the work load or punishment of bigger backs. They all suceeded and their teams had and continue to have great success. The Saints can get it in gear in 2007 … just know this the man doing the shifting is a 5’10, 200 pound Californian with the weight of a losing season in Louisiana on his shoulders. Run Reggie Run …


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