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October 25, 2007

If you haven’t seen Boston Red Sox closer John Papelbon doing the river dance in celebration of the Red Sox going to the World Series…’re not a sports fan!

Laugh out loud funny!


Forte for Heisman?
October 25, 2007

Tulane running back Matt Forte will never even be invited to the Heisman Trophy Awards, but wow, is the guy deserving!

7 games into a very forgettable season Forte leads the nation in rushing with 1,261 yards. The senior from Slidell has also scored 13 touchdowns and has played 2 games this year in which he’s rushed for over 300 yards.

For Forte his reward for such an amazing season won’t come in post season games for Tulane. It’ll come in events like the Senior Bowl and the NFL combine.

Call me crazy, but I think Tulane football coach Bob Toledo is right when he says Forte should be a 1st round draft selection.

He’s a full 6’3, 225. He’s fast enough to turn the corner and strong enough to run inside. He can catch and he’s a great person with high character.

Yeah, yeah, yeah he’s got to work on his pass blocking like all raw college backS but he’ll be able to do it.

Like the Indinapolis Colts with Joe Addai, the team that takes Forte late in the 1st round will be getting an amazing steal.

Faine Out? Brian Young In? The Defense Will Play Good?
October 25, 2007

After listening to Saints Coach Sean Payton today I believe more and more that starting center Jeff Faine will not play this Sunday against the 49ers.

Faine has a pectoral injury.

Starting defensive tackle Brian Young also did not practice Wednesday.

Young had to have fluid drained from his knee.

I think Young will play Sunday.

I also think the Saints defense will have another solid effort.

It’s looking more and more like Alex Smith is going to start at QB for the niners.

Smith has missed the past 3 games due to a shoulder injury.

Niners RB Frank Gore has been playing poorly, and I think Smith is coming back too soon.

So look for another solid effort from the defense.

What A Week For Drew Brees
October 25, 2007

One Monday the Saints All Pro quarterback had water in his basement after 6 inches of rain fell in the greater New Orleans area.

Brees also received a phone call from his brother-in-law, a man who lives in the home Brees and his wife Britney still own in San Diego. The call was to inform them that the wild fires raging in southern California had forced him to evacuate the Carmel Valley home.

Thankfully both homes are okay.

I’m sure Brees and his wife will do whatever they can to help the people of San Diego County the same way they reacehd out to New Orleanians rebuilding after Katrina.

Alge Crumpler To Miss Saints Game?
October 19, 2007

Falcons starting tight end Alge Crumpler is officially doubtful for the game against the Saints this Sunday.

Crumpler has been a Saints killer since arriving in ATL so his absence is good news for a black and gold defense that has played quite well the past 2 weeks against Carolina and Seattle.

A new starting QB (Byron Leftwich) who can’t move, a terrible offensive line and now one of their top receivers potentially out……this should be a chance for the Saints defesne to have another strong outing.

If Gary Gibbs unit struggles it could be a long long year….but if I were a betting man I’d say they’ll be just fine.

The Wooden Indian
October 18, 2007

So the Atlanta Falcons have announced that they’ve made a change at quarterback and will start Byron Leftwich.

This should be excellent news for the Saints.

The Falcons offensive line is one of the worst units in the NFL and Leftwich is a wooden indian in the pocket!

He can’t move. On top of not being mobile he has that long wind-up type throwing motion.

The black and gold defense got tremendous pressure on Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck….they should easily get the same type pressure on Leftwich.

If they don’t then it could be a long year for the Saints.

But I think they’ll do just fine this weekend against ATL.

#1 LSU Falls To #17 Kentucky (but should still be ranked 4th!)
October 14, 2007

What an epic, amazing battle….with a bad outcome.

LSU loses to Kentucky in three overtimes!


The good news for the Tigers is that they probably won’t fall any lower then 4th in the BCS poll. Losing to a top 25 team in 3 OT’s probably won’t drop them too far.

Plus, California also got upset by Oregon State.

the top 5 should look like this.

1. Ohio State
2. Boston College
3. South Florida
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma

Call Me Crazy
October 14, 2007

Call me crazy, but I saw something in the eyes of the Saints players when they got off the buses after their 6 hour flight to Seattle last night.
I saw a bunch of hungry guys that I believe are going to upset the Seahawks in beautiful QWest field tomorrow night.

The final score….28-14 Saints!

Seattle Is Amazing
October 14, 2007

This is my first trip to the emerald city…and I love it!

Not to sound too much like a school girl, but this city is uplifting. It truly has everything you’d ever want. A great mix of old and super new architecture. People are restoring old building and building new ones and it all seems to mesh perfectly. Seattle is very walkable. Getting from place to place, the streets are packed and everyone is friendy.

We also seem very safe no matter where we walk or what time it is.

It’s trips like this that inspire me and frustrate me. Inspiring because this is what New Orleans shoud be and could be. But frustrating because of all the idiots who block progress and hold our city back.

New BCS Bowl Game Predictions
October 10, 2007

Okay, 6 hours after my last predictions USC falls to a 36 point underdog!

So here we go again!

Sugar Bowl
January 1, 2008
New Orleans

Hawaii Warriors
Florida Gators

Rose Bowl
January 1, 2008
Pasadena, CA

Illinois Fighting Illini
California-Berkeley Golden Bears
Fiesta Bowl
January 2, 2008
Glendale, AZ

Oklahoma Sooners
USC Trojans

Orange Bowl
January 3, 2008
Miami, FL

South Florida Bulls
Boston College Eagles


National Championship
January 8, 2008
New Orleans

LSU Tigers
Ohio State Buckeyes