The Wooden Indian

So the Atlanta Falcons have announced that they’ve made a change at quarterback and will start Byron Leftwich.

This should be excellent news for the Saints.

The Falcons offensive line is one of the worst units in the NFL and Leftwich is a wooden indian in the pocket!

He can’t move. On top of not being mobile he has that long wind-up type throwing motion.

The black and gold defense got tremendous pressure on Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck….they should easily get the same type pressure on Leftwich.

If they don’t then it could be a long year for the Saints.

But I think they’ll do just fine this weekend against ATL.


One Response

  1. I agree, the Saints defensive lineman should easily get to Byron Leftwich. What Will Smith and Charles Grant should do is blitz the young offensive tackles. If they do that, they should have a big play on defense. The Saints offense is looking like the Saints of last season. The offensive line is giving Brees more time and is allowing Brees and the offense to make the big plays like last year. All in all, I think we can win by 17. My final score for the game is 34-17, but if it’s a defensive game, then I think the score will be 21-16 final with the Saints winnning. The rest of the scheduleis going to be fun to watch, but I think we’re going to go 10-1, with the loss coming from either Chicago or by an upset by the Jaguars. Well, thats it for me. Have a good weekend.

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