Best & Worst Case For LSU

Best & Worst For LSU

If their is any justice in college football LSU will play Oregon in the BCS National Championship Game here in New Orleans the first week of January.

I’ve watched a lot of college football this season and truly belive that the Tigers & Ducks are the 2 best teams.

I’ve been touting Oregon all season and it goes without saying that LSU is deserving.
That is of couse the best case scenario for Les Miles Tigers….The BCS title game against a worthy opponent.
The worst case scenario (as I write this) for the Tigers….is having Ohio State and Oregon finish #1 & #2 and LSU #3.
If LSU wins the SEC championship and somehow remains ranked 3rd behind Ohio State & Oregon (and that is just speculation on my part) the Tigers will come to the Sugar Bowl.
The Sugar Bowl is of course great and Tiger fans from all over the state will decend upon New Orleans and take the place over.
But, since New Orleans has both the Sugar Bowl and BCS National Championship game the Suagr Bowl will be stuck with a team from a Non-BCS conference (if their is one that finishes in the top 12).
Right now, undefeated Hawaii would get into their first ever BCS bowl game.
Sure the Warriors are led by Heisman Trophy Candidate Colt Brennan and are coached by former NFL coach June Jones…but Hawaii???

Personally, I have no problem with an LSU vs. Hawaii match-up but it’s a far cry from the national title game.

Last year’s Oklahoma vs. Boise State Fiesta Bowl proved the mid-major football schools can compete in the BCS and I’d love to see Brennan go against the tough LSU secondary….but again….not exactly the game or the team LSU has envisioned all year long.


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