Saints 12-4 Overall?

Saints defensive end Charles Grant likes to talk.

He told members of the media following the teams 0-4 start that his team would finish the regular season 12-4 overall.

To say we got a little laugh was an understatement.

But now it’s Grant starting to laugh a little bit.

4 straight wins over Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco and Jacksonville.

The Saints are rolling and Drew Brees is looking like the MVP candidate fans fell in love with last year.

Now the Saints embark into the second half of the NFL season ready to face 8 teams that stink!

Of the remaining 8 games only Tampa Bay has a winning record….and the Bucs are 5-4 overall.

Can the Saints run the table? Yes.

Will they? No

I think they’ll finish 7 and 1 over the final 8 and 11 and 5 overall…win the NFC South and host a wild card playoff game.

Right now I think the Saints will welcome Detroit to the dome for an opening round game.

I’d love to say that, like last year, the Saints are going to get a bye in the first round of the playoffs….but as good as Dallas and Green Bay are playing I think they’ll be the #1 and #2 seeds.

We’ll see.


2 Responses

  1. I agree, it is “statistically” possible for the Saints to run the table. If they play like they did againts the Jags then we will, but it is a good chance we won’t. Every team looses it’s fire at least one game. I think if we finish 10-6 we accomplished more than enough finishing with the same record as we did last year and starting 0-4. The only thing that counts is to get this team to the playoffs then we will run that table!!! No bye game… who cares.

  2. Sean Payton continues to be an inconsistent play caller and this will lead to a Saint season that we will all be sad about. Also, how can Jason David continue to start at CB and get burnt like that again Coach Payton inconsistent decision making.

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