Hester & The Saints

I’m not a football expert by any means.
I love the game and love covering the Saints and the LSU Tigers and of course have opinions and one opinion I have is as follows;
The Saints should draft LSU halfback/fullback Jacob Hester.
Yeah yeah yeah, I know…..Hester is too slow to be a true halfback in the NFL and too small to be a full time fullback.
But the guy is a player.
He’s carried the ball nearly 300 times since his freshman year and has fumbled only once (on his 1st college carry)!
He understands pass protection and blocking and with a head coach like Sean Payton, a guy who throws so many schemes at opposing defensive coordinators….their heads spin….Hester would thrive.
The Shreveport resident is also a gem on special teams.
In all honesty, I think he’d be a better version of current Saints running back Aaron Stecker.
Hester could play on all special teams and be used in special packages on offense.
He’s also a class guy and would fit in perfectly in a locker room with guys like Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, Scott Fujita and Mike Karney.
I’m not saying draft him in the first round….but from round two on….Hester should be a consideration.

2 Responses

  1. I agree: Jacob Hester should be selected by the Saints in the 2008 NFL Draft; he would fit well with the team. Go Saints, Browns, Notre Dame, & Tigers! 🙂 =]

  2. I am a huge Hester fan. I do believe he can be an NFL player. I don’t have a bunch of info on him, but I would assume he is too slow to be an NFL half back, but one thing I do know he is fast enough and strong enough to be a fullback, and I don’t think it would be difficult for him to pack on around 10-20 lbs of muscle over the next couple of years. I don’t think he is a 2nd rounder but at the same time with the terrible drafts that Loomis has put up over his tenure, he would be a welcome addition in my book, because I KNOW he would at least make the team, and contribute.
    Speaking of Loomis and terrible drafts is Robert Meachum still in the league? I am picturing him receiving his signing bonus, and hopping a plane right back to Tennessee, because I can’t pick him out on the sidelines in his Saints issue windpants and sweatshirt.

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