So Much For My Dream Game

So much for my dream national championship game match-up;
LSU vs. Oregon

The Ducks choked their title hopes away last night by losing to unrakned Arizona.

I really thought LSU and Oregon would run the table and play in the Superdome January 7th for a national title.
I truly believed that these were the 2 best college teams I’ve seen all season long.

So now, no smoking hot duck cheerleaders partying in New Orleans the first week of January.

Now cool uniforms for fans to check out in person.
No Oregon.
Now, it looks as if LSU (if the Tigers win out) will face a Big XII team for the BCS national championship. Oklahoma, Kansas or Missouri.
Personally, I’m pulling for undefeated Kansas to beat Iowa State this weekend….then Missouri the last week of the regular season….and then the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big XII Championship.

But with 3 weeks left to play……I’m sure all this will be blown up in what has arguably been the craziest college football season ever!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Don’t count out Ohio State quite yet. I know you have downplayed their success all year, but despite a late season loss, a win over Michigan makes them the Big 10champs and they have a chance to come to nola.
    Your lovable ducks are already out.
    Cincinnati will take care of WVU.
    At least 2 of 3 Big 12 teams are certain to lose in the next couple weeks.
    LSU still has to been Arkansas and Tennessee/Georgia.
    People in Columbus shouldn’t book tickets yet, but it doesn’t look that bad for the Bucks to play for the championship 2 years in a row.

    ps, this was supposed to be a down year. OSU will be a top 5 preseason team in ’08.

  2. I am sorry about Oregon’s loss. A LSU-Oregon Bowl Game would have been nice. Also, I hope & pray that all goes well with Dennis Dixon’s surgery.

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