Bring Back Birdman

I’ve never been big on second chances.
I feel like people truly know the difference between right and wrong and if you do something wrong to hurt someone or yourself then you deserve whatever punishment or misfortune comes your way.

That may sound mean but I think if more people accepted that philosophy then society would be a better place.

Now, despite my harsh opinion….I feel like a member of the New Orleans sports community deserves a second chance and I hope his second chance comes with the Hornets.

3 years ago I had an opportunity to get to know Hornets forward/center Chris “The Birdman” Andersen.

As you all know by now, Birdman was suspended by the NBA for 2 years in January of 2006 for violating the leagues substance abuse policy.

This suspension resulted in Andersen forfitting his newly signed 3 year, 14 million dollar contract. His banishment also means he cannot play overseas.
Andersen is eligible for reinstatement into the NBA just after the first of the year.
For 2 years Chris Andersen has been waiting for a return to the NBA.

Will the NBA let him return?
I think they will.

I can tell you right now I’ve hung out with Andersen numerous times and always thought he was a good person.

Did he break the rules and get involved with something he shouldn’t have….and did his situation get out of control? Yes. But I still think he’s a good person.

And what I like about Chris is that he’s accepted responsibility for his actions.

Is that hard to do? Absolutely!

But for nearly 24 months Andersen has laid low, avoiding the spotlight….content to just serve his time and then try to return.
This guy has worked hard and overcome a lot in his life. As a member of the media I’m supposed to remain neutral but I truly hope the Birdman flies again….hopefully in New Orleans.


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  1. I agree: Chris Andersen deserves a second chance with the NBA/Hornets.:) If the NFL and the Miami Dolphins can give Ricky Williams a second chance, then Chris Anderson should get one, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!

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