Hey Hornets….Take My Advice….Commit To It!!!

As far as I’m concerned….the logo you see above is arguably the best in all of sports!
Know what it is?
It’s the New Orleans Hornets Fleur-de-Bee.
The team unveiled it earlier this year upon their full time return to New Orleans.
For all of you who don’t know the Fleur de lis is a symbol of New Orleans.
Fleur de lis are very visible around our city, they can be seen on fence posts, buildings, and flags throughout every neighborhood.

New Orleanians truly identify with this symbol.
Of course the most prominent fleur de lis people see is worn by our cities NFL football team.
The Saints logo is the black and gold fleur de lis.

When the Hornets released their take on the fleur de lis, incorporating their hornet into the popular flower design….I thought it was a subtle stroke of genius!

The team found a unique way to connect with the city they’d been away from for 2 years due to Katrina.

My only question is; why did the franchise bury this logo?
In my opinion the fleur de bee should be the team’s official logo!
Plaster it right next to the giant picture of Chris Paul on the side of the New Orleans Arena!
Every time a Hornets score is shown on ESPN we should see the fleur de bee logo.
The logo at mid-court on the floor of the New Orleans Arena should be the fleur de bee.
Right now the featured logo at center court in the arena is the Hornet with ‘New Orleans’ across it’s chest!
Imagine how cool the court in that building would look during the 2008 NBA All-Star Game with the fleur de bee.
Hey Hornets……commit to this design, it’s a great representation that would bring a new element of cool to your franchise.
Think of the possibilities, you guys could design a new alternate uniform with the fleur de bee featured across the chest.
Right now the team wears 3 different uniforms. Teal, gold and white.
The team’s background color on all of those uniforms is a purple-ish/blue.
How’s about 4th uniform?
A dark, purple-ish/blue number with the fleur de bee featured on the front of the jersey and on the side of the shorts?

I mean, the team wore red ‘Oklahoma City’ uniforms last year for Valentine’s Day. Those jerseys were later sold off to benefit various charities.

I think asking the NBA to allow a 4th uniform is within reason. The fleur de bee uniform could be worn a handful of times each year.
See, even Morris Peterson agrees with me…..he’s saying “get me a fleur de bee jersey!”


2 Responses

  1. I love the fleur-de-bee! Very creative. Definitely the perfect logo for a New Orleans team.

  2. The fleur-de-bee is a cute logo; I hope that the Hornets commit to it, too!!

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