Nice References Nick…..Idiot!

It’s college football Nick….lighten up!

Try not to reference such catastrophic moments.

I’m not even a die hard LSU fan and I hope Auburn smokes your team this weekend and 6-6 keeps your school outta a bowl game!

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) – Alabama fans aren’t the only ones
treating the Louisiana-Monroe loss as a monumental event.
Coach Nick Saban described the humbling defeat in almost
apocalyptic terms today. He mentioned the 9-11 terrorist attacks
and Pearl Harbor in talking about how his team must rebound like
America did from a “catastrophic event.”
If the comparisons seem over the top, well, it is Iron Bowl
Saban didn’t compare the embarrassing 21-14 loss to
Louisiana-Monroe to those events. But he picked those historical
references to illustrate that this could be a pivotal week for the
Crimson Tide.
That usually goes without saying when Alabama (6-5, 4-3
Southeastern Conference) is preparing to face its biggest rival,
No. 25 Auburn. The Tide is in a precarious spot leading up to
Saturday’s visit to the Tigers. It has having been stung by three
consecutive losses that have put Saban’s first Alabama team in
danger of getting snubbed by bowls and having a .500 record.
A win over Auburn would take some of the sting off, and likely
erase any doubt that Alabama is bowl-bound. Plus, the Tide wants to
stop a five-year losing streak to its biggest rival.

3 Responses

  1. I used to pull for LSU, if Bama wasn’t playing. But, with all of the “hate” that most of the LSU fans have shown towards Bama and to Saban, I can’t ever pull for them again. Those fans are the IDIOTS!!! I listened to what Saban said from ESPN.COM. I think what he was trying to say is that things need to change…and change now!! I for one didn’t feel the way a lot of LSU fans felt when Dennis Franchione left Bama to go to Taxas A&M. What are ya’ll going to do if Miles goes to MI!!! I hope he does! The Crimson Tide will be rising again.
    Die Hard Bama Fan

  2. It’s amazing how Alabama/Saban obsessed Louisianians are these days. Fletcher, you say you’re not a die hard LSU fan, but the mere fact that this not only makes news in N.O. but seems to be important enough for you to blog about it screams LSU fan. Lest we not forget the numerous embarassing LSU losses prior to 5 years ago (remember in Saban’s first year at LSU a loss to UAB?!). There is a large Alabama alumni contingency in N.O. One would think you wouldn’t want to offend them with the numerous other news choices in this city. I’ve never seen people so obsessed about a team/school other than their own. If AL was #1 in the country, rest assured I wouldn’t be wasting a moment thinking or commenting about LSU.

  3. Nick Saban shouldn’t be criticizing LSU like that, & giving those references; he used to be their football coach, & needs to show LSU respect.

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