Why I Hate The Heisman Trophy

I gave up on the Heisman Trophy 10 years ago.

Remember the Heisman race of ’97?
Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning, Washington State quarterback Ryan Leaf and Michigan cornerback/return specialist Charles Woodson.
Manning and Leaf were of course ridiculously deserving for the award given to the top college player in America.
But who won? Woodson!

Because he was the best player in the country?
No way.
Woodson was simply the most high profile player on a high profile team who played the game of his life against arch-rival Ohio State on national TV.
Woodson wasn’t even the best defensive player ever to be considered for the trophy. Brian Bosworth and Warren Sapp were far more dominating.

Since Woodson won this award the sports writers who vote have changed the essence of the trophy.

They no longer honor the best player in college football….they honor the most high profile player on a high profile team.
I remember growing up and seeing guys like Gordy Lockbaum of Holy Cross considered for the award.
I loved that. I loved researching a guy no one had heard of. A guy who’s heroics on the field made journalists write about him and a player who made fans dig for info on why he was so good.
Never again will you see a small college player sitting in the front row of the famed Downtown Athletic Club in New York waiting for the names to be called.
If the Heisman Trophy went to the best player in college football then how could Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan not have won it last Year?
Brennan only threw threw for 5,549 yards, 58 touchdowns, and had the highest passer efficiency in America….and he finished 6th in the Heisman balloting!

If Brennan finished 6th how could Ty Detmer win the award back in 1990?

Detmer won because back then the best player in the game was honored, not the most high profile palyer on a good team.
Who won last year when Brennan finished 6th? Troy Smith of Ohio State.
Best player in America? No.
Best player on his own team? No.
Good player on a team playing for a national title? Yep

If the best players in college football are to be considered for the Heisman Trophy then here’s a suggestion for all the idiots who vote and who’ve ruined this award.
Consider Tulane runningback Matt Forte and LSU defensive tackle Glen Dorsey.
Forte leads the nation in rushing. Going into the final game of the season Forte has gained 2007 yards and scored 21 touchdowns. Because Tulane has no serious passing game defenses line-up 8 and 9 guys in the box trying to stop him and he still runs wild.
Dorsey is the most dominating defensive player since Sapp.

As far as I’m concerned, the Heisman Trophy is a joke!
These 2 players won’t even be invited to NYC nor will they finish in the top 10 in voting.
For the record, I think Florida quarterback Tim Tebow should win this year….but who knows.

2 Responses

  1. I agree: The Heisman Trophy Process is a travesty, and a joke. It is about selecting high-profile players on high-profile teams.

    I think that Peyton Manning should have won it in 1997, and that Brady Quinn should have won it last year. Those two football players really deserved it.

    I hope that the Heisman Trophy Committee gives consideration to LSU’s Glen Dorsey & Tulane’s Matt Forte as candidates for this year’s award. They are playing really well this football season.

    Also, Tim Tebow is a good candidate for this year’s Heisman Trophy, as you said.

  2. Were you at my house a couple of days ago? My brother and I had the same discussion. The Heisman has just turned into a popularity contest. Kinda like Homecoming king. A good player from a high profile team. Notice that it’s not the best team because the BCS has a funny way of deciding national championship schedules. (Tell me again how Ohio won the “national” championship! BS!)

    As far as your recommendation for Tebow is concerned–I can’t stand that guy. Other than personal feelings, I will concede somewhat to say that he’s good–but I just can’t stand that guy! So, for this year, I’d be glad to see Missouri’s Chase Daniel win it.

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