BCS Bowl Predictions As Of 11:45 am Sunday, November 24th, 2007

BCS National Championship

Why: Mizzou will beat Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game next weekend. West Virginia will be #1 or #2 in the BCS poll when it’s released tomorrow. West Virginia wins it all. No one can stop this offense. They’re getting hot at the right time.

Sugar Bowl

Why: Tennessee will beat LSU in the SEC Championship game. LSU is down in the dumps right now, the Vols are playing arguably their best football of the season. Plus Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl is better for the city (More fans will come and stay longer in our cities hotels).

Hawaii will come as the final at-large team.


Rose Bowl

Why: No-brainer, Big 10 Champ vs. Pac-10 Champ. The Rose gets it’s traditional teams.

Fiesta Bowl

Why: Arizona sneaks back into the BCS as an at-large thanks to Oregon’s 2 game collapse to end the season.
The Fiesta will stay true to their Big XII roots by selecting Kansas as their other at-large team.

Orange Bowl

Why: Georgia is arguably the hottest team in the country right now. They’ll be the at-large to the Orange Bowl. Boston College will beat Virginia Tech for the second time this year to win the ACC Championship and earn the automatic spot into the bowl game.

Capital One Bowl

Why: Another no-brainer. Big-10 #2 vs. Sec #3. The big question; Will Les Miles be getting pay checks from Michigan or LSU?
New Orleans Bowl
Why: Memphis is already in as the C-USA team. Troy or FAU will be in as the Sun Belt Champion. Memphis is great for the city. This team came down 4 years ago. They bring plenty of fans and party hard!

2 Responses

  1. Fletcher should stick to posting pictures on a blog instead of trying to predict bowl games.

  2. These are good predictions!

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