The Next LSU Football Coach

Sure, Les Miles nearly broke down in tears last week saying he loves LSU and that he’d never do anything to hurt his team

Well, his team hurt him by playing uninspired for 3 quarters and then falling to unranked Arkansas in triple overtime….crushing any chance of playing for a national championship.
I felt like Miles would leave LSU for his beloved Michigan no matter what LSU did the first week of January…now I feel he could be gone as soon as next week.
Coach the SEC Championship game then go back to where he played college ball, coached for a brief time and even met his wife.
So, if Miles goes….who takes his place?
Good question.

Not to pick on all the LSU fans out there.
But don’t call or write me telling me Jack Del Rio is taking the job. Don’t stop me on the street and say John Gruden is interested. Mike Shanahan is also not an option.

LSU is a good job, but the coach you’re going to get is going to be just like Nick Saban and Les Miles. A solid coach from a decent but far from powerful school who’s earned the opportunity to take over a major BCS program.
Look, I’d love Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville to come take over in Baton Rouge if Miles leaves…but it ain’t gonna happen!

Same for Steve Spurrier… forget about those guys.

Here are a few names to consider…..serious names that fans should embrace….not smirk at.

Chris Peterson: Head Coach, Boise State

Why: Since taking over an already good Boise State program Peterson is 22-2. Boise won one of the most memorable BCS games ever last year defeating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl….. plus, BSU’s offense is wide open and fun to watch!

Jim Leavitt: Head Coach, South Florida

Why: Took South Florida from nothing and turned them into championship contenders. His firey approach will turn even the most jaded skeptic into a die-hard fan!

Greg Schiano: Head Coach, Rutgers

Why: Like Leavitt at USF, he put Rutgers on the map. He says he’s happy up in Jersey….but come one….LSU may be too good for this guy to pass up.
Mike Riley: Head Coach, Oregon State

Why: Former NFL head coach (San Diego) and asst. (New Orleans Saints) Riley has strong southern and SEC ties having played at Alabama. Like Saban at Michigan State and Miles at Oklahoma State, Riley will always play second fiddle to Oregon in his own state.

***my wild card candidate****
Jim Haslett: Asst. Coach/Defensive Coordinator, St. Louis Rams

Why: Limited college experience, just 1 year at The University of Buffalo but strong ties to Louisiana having coached the Saints for 7 seasons. Haslett is a strong personality who would no doubt be able to motivate younger athletes. Going from the pros to college worked out great for Pete Carroll (USC) but not so good for Bill Callahan (Nebraska). The jury is still out on Dave Wannstedt (Pittsburgh) and Charlie Weis (Notre Dame).

5 Responses

  1. I like Boise State’s offense and would be a pleasure to see vs. this year’s limited potential offensive production. What about Jimbo Fisher and bring back the former Def Coordinator (can’t remember his name but thought he went to Auburn a few years ago). Defense sure was struggling of late…thanks…shane

  2. i think dom capers would be a good fit becuase of his ties to louisiana and being a coordinator the past two years

  3. I hope that Les Miles returns to coach at LSU for next year’s college football season. They are doing well with him as coach.

    I think that John Fourcade would be a good coach for LSU; last night, he gave great insight on the possible College Bowl Game Match-ups.

  4. Haslett, Good one. Now, about getting Spurrier his purple visor…

  5. i like sly croom,good couch great charater.

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