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T.O. & Jess
December 19, 2007

IRVING, Texas — Terrell Owens has a message for Jessica Simpson: Stay away.

Jessica Simpson was present for the worst game of boyfriend Tony Romo’s career.
Simpson has become Public Enemy No. 1 among Dallas Cowboys fans because of a link being made between her appearance at Sunday’s game and the poor performance of her new boyfriend, quarterback Tony Romo.
“Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite — in this locker room or in Texas Stadium,” Owens said Wednesday.
The Cowboys lost 10-6 to the Philadelphia Eagles and Romo had what was statistically the worst game of his career, all while Simpson sat in a luxury box wearing a pink No. 9 jersey she proudly showed off for television cameras.
The problem for her is, Romo’s previous worst game came last December at home to the Eagles when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in attendance.
“With everything that has happened, obviously with the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel she has taken his focus away,” Owens said, echoing the chatter on sports-talk radio and blogs. “Other than that, she was high on my list until last week.
“Oh, I got a message for her when we make the playoffs. Just stay tuned,” he added.


Brian Young On Injured Reserve
December 19, 2007

Saints Defensive Tackle Brian Young
Saints defensive tackle Brian Young has been placed on injured reserve meaning he’ll miss the remainder of the season and post season (if the Saints make it that far).
Young has a rare case of pneumonia. Earlier this week Young had to have fluid drained from his chest cavity.
He’s currently resting and in good condition in a local hospital.

Hire This Guy
December 19, 2007

The man you’re looking at is former O. Perry Walker High School football coach Frank Wilson.
Back in 2002 Wilson became the first coach to lead an Orleans Parish public school into the state 4-A championship in the Superdome.
Wilson has spent the past 3 seasons as an assistant coach/recruiting coordinator at Ole Miss.
As sports fans know, Ole Miss fired coach Ed Orgeron and hired Houston Nutt to replace him.
Wilson should be coaching in college.
I wrote a letter last year begging for Tulane to interview him for it’s head coach position.
People told me I was crazy. But I’m not.
Wilson is a tireless recruiter and the main reason the nations top prospect last year (Joe mcKnight) even considered Ole Miss. The Rebels have had solid recruiting classes each year Wilson has been there.
Frank is also a pupil of new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez and his spread offense. As an assistant coach at Tulane Rodriguez took Wilson under his wing and taught him the high powered offense that’s become a Rodriguez calling card.
A wide open offensive minded coach who can recruit like a mad dog and is a good person!
Someone hire this guy!
Tulane, LSU, Michigan……Your school will be better with Frank on board!

The Future of Eli
December 18, 2007

I’ll write more about the Saints playoff hopes later today but right now I can’t get Eli Manning off my mind.

If the New York Giants lose their final 2 games they could miss the post season. Currently N.Y. is 9-5 overall.

All the boys from Gotham have to do is win one of their final 2 games and they’re in the post season.

But I think New York will lose their last 2 games.
The G-men are playing Buffalo this weekend, then New England in the final week.
Oh by the way, New England will more than likely be going for a perfect 16-0 season.

So if the Giants don’t beat Buffalo in up state New York this weekend, they’re in deep trouble!

The situation this team is in right now reminds me of the Saints back in 2002.
All the Saints needed to do was win 1 of the final 3 and they’re in the playoffs. Horrific losses to Cincinnati, Minnesota and Carolina to close the season kept New Orleans out of the post season.
I think the Giants are also going to lose their final 3 and miss the playoffs.

If this happens N.Y. coach Tom Couglin will surely get fired.

But what about Eli?
Does the team part ways with their franchise quarterback if they collapse down the stretch?
I’m a big fan of Eli, but if the teams cuts him it would not surprise me.
Personally I think that no matter what happens in these final crucial games Eli will remain in NYC, but if the Giants miss the playoffs and really decide to shake things up by firing their coach and cutting their QB…..Eli will land on his feet as a starter in Philly, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City or Chicago.

Back From Vacation
December 16, 2007

Sorry I haven’t blogged the past week.
I took a quick vacation to Las Vegas with my brother Travers.

Most people go to Vegas to and go crazy, I think we’re the only 2 people who went to Las Vegas to relax.
Here’s a quick run down of the trip.

Had some great meals. Lunch at the Palm Steakhouse in Caesar’s Palace and dinners at Stack in the Mirage and Nove in the Palms Hotel.


I highly recommend the chilean sea bass at Stack and the grilled baby octopus appetizer at Nove.


As far as Vegas shows go, the best I’ve ever seen is cirque de soleil “love” at the Mirage Hotel. 12 years we’ve been going to Las Vegas and this one blows everything else away.

Usually we stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and have a great time but this year we changed things up. We stayed at the Palms Hotel….and I’ll probably never stay anywhere else. The Maloof’s have done an amazing job of making this property one of the best in the city.

Of course having the world’s only playboy club on the top floor of this hotel makes things very interesting.


As for gambling, I’m not really a gambler….a few hands of black jack and a few long shot bets at the sports book.
Some of those long shots.

I love The Masters and love the local golfers and the guys who’ve won here in New Orleans so…..I took LSU’s David Toms at 50-1 to win The Masters, and former New Orleans winners K.J. Choi (also 50-1) and Nick Watney (150-1).
I took a horse named ‘Embrace the Storm’ to win the Kentucky Derby. This horse is 125-1. He’s not even assured of running in the race.

And I of course couldn’t resist taking a chance on the Saints to win the Super Bowl. As of Saturday, December 15th, the Saints were 200-1 to win the big game.

The safest bet I think anyone could possible make at any sports book in Las Vegas is LSU over Ohio State by 6 1/2 in the BCS National Championship Game. 6 1/2….are you kidding me???

The Buckeyes got waxed by Florida in last year’s championship and to me are not as good as they were 12 months ago. Ohio State lost Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, Anthony Gonzalez and Antonio Pittman. And LSU is stronger than Florida last season. 6 1/2, what a joke! It should be 16 1/2!

Bush Out For Monday….Season?
December 8, 2007

Associated Press
Saints’ running back Reggie Bush will not play in Monday night’s game in Atlanta, the team confirmed Saturday.
Reggie Bush was ruled out of Monday’s game in Atlanta, the team announced Saturday.
Bush had been listed as questionable after an MRI this week indicated he has a partially torn left knee ligament.
A person familiar with Bush’s injury told The Associated Press Bush likely would not risk further aggravating the injury by playing again this season. That person requested anonymity because of the delicacy of the situation. Coach Sean Payton has called such talk premature.
The team on Saturday did not make any comments about Bush’s prospects for the remainder of the season.

Bush became the Saints’ featured running back when a knee injured ended Deuce McAllister’s season in Week 3. So far this season, Bush has scored six touchdowns with 581 yards rushing and 417 yards receiving. He has 10 dropped passes and fumbled eight times, with the Saints recovering all but three of those.

With Bush out, the active running backs will be Jamaal Branch, Aaron Stecker and rookie Pierre Thomas, who returned to practice Friday from a kidney bruise.
The Saints (5-7) hold slim hopes of clinching a wild card spot in the NFC.

Why I Hate The Heisman Trophy (Take II)
December 7, 2007

As I stated in one of my last blogs, I hate the Heisman Trophy becuase it no longer goes to the best player in college football.

It goes to the most popular player on the most popular team.

If it goes to the best player then University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will win it.

Hands down, no questions asked!

52 total touchdowns in the best football conference.

But I’m guessing Tebow doesn’t win it this year. All the talk of his team having 3 losses and him being only a sophomore is hurting him.

What a joke!

Mark my words, Tebow will win the award next year and won’t have the powerful statistics he has this year.

Darren McFadden from the University of Arkansas will win the award this year.

Why do I say that?

Because the Heisman is turing into the Academy Awards.

The Heisman voters make the wrong choices and then try to fix their mistake.

Take for example Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. He’s been invited to the Heisman Awards because he finished in the top 4 this year.

Last year he was not invited because he finished 6th overall.

Last year Brennan threw 58 touchdowns and shattered nearly every NCAA passing record.

This year he has 38 scores. 38 TD’s is great, but it’s a far cry from 58. Yet he gets more votes this year.


Because the Heisman voting, like the Academy Awards, has become laughable.

I’d like to know how Denzel Washington wins an Oscar for ‘Training Day’ but fails to win one for ‘Malcolm X’ or ‘The Hurricane?’

Or how can Russell Crowe bring home a statue for “Gladiator’ but not for ‘The Insider’ or ‘L.A. Confidential?’

So, although I think Tim Tebow is deserving this year, your winner is going to be Arkansas’ Darren McFadden! The reason; he’s been a consistantly good player.

McFadden finished second last year.

His 2006 numbers are nearly identical to his 2007 numbers.

But it should be Tebow, like it should have been Brennan last year.

The Heisman voters, like the academy, are a year behind on everything.

Reggie’s Heisman Vote
December 7, 2007

As a former winner, Saints runningback Reggie Bush gets to vote for the Heisman Trophy. The award is of course given annually to the nations top college football player.
So, how did Reggie Vote?
He told us today.
Reggie’s Heisman Ballot:

Winner: Darren McFadden-RB-University of Arkansas
2nd Place: Colt Brennan-QB-University of Hawaii

3rd Place: Tim Tebow-QB-University of Florida

Changes In The Secondary?
December 6, 2007

Biloxi Sun Herald

by; Larry Holder

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton realizes cornerback Jason David has been beaten in pass coverage on more than one occasion this year. He wanted to make sure David wasn’t to blame for at least one pass play in Sunday’s loss to Tampa Bay.
Payton said Tuesday while it appeared David was on the coverage for Joey Galloway’s 60-yard reception, eventually leading to a touchdown, David was in the right position.
Strong safety Roman Harper was not, and that’s why Galloway broke free with no one near him.
Kaesviharn took over at strong safety following Harper’s second snafu against the Bucs. Running back Earnest Graham slipped through Harper’s arms on his way to a 25-yard scoring scamper in the third quarter.
Payton reiterated how there will be competition between Harper and Kaesviharn for the starting strong safety job. He didn’t say when or if there would be a change, though.
“I need to try to get some things corrected and try to move on,” Harper said Monday.
Harper does have one interception this season, but is known more as a threat in stopping the run than in his pass coverage skills.
David was removed from the game for a couple of plays following a 41-yard reception by Galloway. Kaesviharn lined up on the outside and appeared to play corner. Payton said it was part of the defensive package that Kaesviharn assumed David’s spot and not because David was benched.
The struggling cornerback returned shortly thereafter once Payton and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs called for another personnel package.
David would have been replaced by Jason Craft, Payton said, if David were to be benched.

New Atlanta QB?
December 6, 2007

If the Saints can’t beat a QB making his first start of the season and a guy who hasn’t ever played significant time in the NFL……the season may be over.


The Falcons have been off the past two days, so there has been no official word as to whether Chris Redman will be named the starting quarterback. However, all indications are pointing that way.
This could be another interesting development in the quarterback stakes because if Redman gets his chance and performs well, he could be a player the Falcons bring back next season – maybe not as the starter, but as a backup who could help any new quarterbacks learn the system.
I was going through some game stuff from the St. Louis loss and there was one noticeable change once Redman came into the game: the involvement of the tight ends in the passing game.
Since Redman gets rid of the ball quickly, there isn’t the need to keep one, if not both tight ends in protection. Of tight end Alge Crumpler’s season-high seven receptions against the Rams, four came in the fourth quarter. For a good portion of the game, Crumpler and/or Dwayne Blakley were used in protection because Joey Harrington took a longer time to get rid of the ball, leaving him susceptible to pressure.
If Redman is the guy Monday night against the Saints, it will be interesting to see if he can carry over his short-term success into a full game in which the opposing team has had time to game plan for him. Keep in mind, the only tape St. Louis had on Redman was from 2003, in which he played in just two games and threw a total of 13 passes.

(Photo of Redman While in College at Louisville)