Sugar Bowl & BCS Championship…..Go Watch Future Saints!!!!!

On top of having the top 3 teams in all of college football (#1 Ohio State, #2 LSU and #3 Georgia) as well as the only undefeated team (#10 Hawaii) the annual Sugar Bowl on January 1st and the BCS Championship on January 7th could give fans in New Orleans the chance to see some future Saints play.

What am I talking about?

Well, if I were Saints GM, I’d be scouting several of the players from these 4 teams big time for the 2008 NFL Draft.
In fact, here is my NFL (day 1) mock draft (this will of course change dozens of times between now and April).


Malcolm Jenkins:


The Ohio State University
6’2, 208

WHY: Is their any question that the weakest position on the Saints roster is the secondary?
*other possible first rounders for the Saints:
Mike Jenkins, cornerback, University of South Florida (no relation to Malcolm)
Aqib Talib, cornerback, University of Kansas
Reggie Smith, cornerback/safety, University of Oklahoma
Kenny Phillips, safety, University of Miami
***Another Saints 1st round pick could be Ohio State LB James Laurinaitis. But since this Buckeye is predicted to go amongst the top 10 picks I excluded him from my list. I don’t think the Saints will finish poorly enough to get into the top 10 nor do I think Laurinaitis will fall to the teens.

It’s also worth noting that Laurinaitis’ father is former WWF wrestler “The Animal” from the famous tag team “The Legion of Doom.”


Jacob Hester

Louisiana State University

6′, 228

WHY: I know Hester is a reach in the second round but since Sean Payton arrived the Saints best drafted players have been high character overachievers that the team reached for. Think Roman Harper, Jhari Evans, Zack Strief and Marques Colston.
(To read more about why the Saints should draft Hester read the blog entry below this one.)
*other possible second rounders for the Saints:
Ali Highsmith, linebacker, LSU
Colt Brennan:
University of Hawaii
6’3, 195

WHY: Because the Jamie Martin/Tyler Palko back-up situation is almost laughable….wait, it is laughable!
Brennan is all over the draft board. Some mock draft’s have him going as high as the mid-first round to Chicago or Baltimore….some have him falling to day 2 (5th or 6th round). The Sugar Bowl, Senior Bowl and NFL combine will determine a lot about Brennan’s future.
To me, if Brennan is still on the board near the end of day 1…..grab him.
*Other possible thrid rounders for the Saints:
Craig Steltz, safety, LSU
Chevis Jackson, cornerback, LSU

One Response

  1. Your Mock Draft Projections sound great!

    It would be awesome if the Saints drafted Jacob Hester; also, Colt Brennan would be a good back-up Quarterback for the Saints. Like you said, the Saints’s current back-up Quarterback situation is silly and confusing.

    Moreover, if the Cleveland Browns want to trade Brady Quinn in 2008, he would be another good Quarterback for the Saints to have. I wish that the Browns would give him some playing time in the football games.

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