Why I Hate The Heisman Trophy (Take II)

As I stated in one of my last blogs, I hate the Heisman Trophy becuase it no longer goes to the best player in college football.

It goes to the most popular player on the most popular team.

If it goes to the best player then University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will win it.

Hands down, no questions asked!

52 total touchdowns in the best football conference.

But I’m guessing Tebow doesn’t win it this year. All the talk of his team having 3 losses and him being only a sophomore is hurting him.

What a joke!

Mark my words, Tebow will win the award next year and won’t have the powerful statistics he has this year.

Darren McFadden from the University of Arkansas will win the award this year.

Why do I say that?

Because the Heisman is turing into the Academy Awards.

The Heisman voters make the wrong choices and then try to fix their mistake.

Take for example Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. He’s been invited to the Heisman Awards because he finished in the top 4 this year.

Last year he was not invited because he finished 6th overall.

Last year Brennan threw 58 touchdowns and shattered nearly every NCAA passing record.

This year he has 38 scores. 38 TD’s is great, but it’s a far cry from 58. Yet he gets more votes this year.


Because the Heisman voting, like the Academy Awards, has become laughable.

I’d like to know how Denzel Washington wins an Oscar for ‘Training Day’ but fails to win one for ‘Malcolm X’ or ‘The Hurricane?’

Or how can Russell Crowe bring home a statue for “Gladiator’ but not for ‘The Insider’ or ‘L.A. Confidential?’

So, although I think Tim Tebow is deserving this year, your winner is going to be Arkansas’ Darren McFadden! The reason; he’s been a consistantly good player.

McFadden finished second last year.

His 2006 numbers are nearly identical to his 2007 numbers.

But it should be Tebow, like it should have been Brennan last year.

The Heisman voters, like the academy, are a year behind on everything.

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  1. I hope that either Tim Tebow or Colt Brennan wins the Heisman Trophy this year.

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