Hire This Guy

The man you’re looking at is former O. Perry Walker High School football coach Frank Wilson.
Back in 2002 Wilson became the first coach to lead an Orleans Parish public school into the state 4-A championship in the Superdome.
Wilson has spent the past 3 seasons as an assistant coach/recruiting coordinator at Ole Miss.
As sports fans know, Ole Miss fired coach Ed Orgeron and hired Houston Nutt to replace him.
Wilson should be coaching in college.
I wrote a letter last year begging for Tulane to interview him for it’s head coach position.
People told me I was crazy. But I’m not.
Wilson is a tireless recruiter and the main reason the nations top prospect last year (Joe mcKnight) even considered Ole Miss. The Rebels have had solid recruiting classes each year Wilson has been there.
Frank is also a pupil of new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez and his spread offense. As an assistant coach at Tulane Rodriguez took Wilson under his wing and taught him the high powered offense that’s become a Rodriguez calling card.
A wide open offensive minded coach who can recruit like a mad dog and is a good person!
Someone hire this guy!
Tulane, LSU, Michigan……Your school will be better with Frank on board!

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  1. I agree: Hire him as a coach. It would be cool if the Saints or LSU hired him as an assistant coach!

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