Vili The Warrior

This might be my favorite picture this year.
It’s my brother Travers and I with the University of Hawaii mascot….Vili The Warrior!
I would have put this on the blog sooner but I just got the pic.
One of the funny things about the Sugar Bowl….and I’m not talking about the play of Hawaii…..was that after the game University of Georgia players were posing for pictures with Vili. Quite a strange sight, opposing players taking pictues with the other teams mascot.

3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome how you & your brother, Travers, posed with Vili the Warrior in that photo, Fletcher. He is such a cool mascot for the University of Hawaii!!:)

  2. Great pic–Vili’s a little intimidating, but 2 Mackels are never a bad thing! 🙂

    Photos with the opposing team’s mascot shows good sportsmanship on the part of UGA’s players, I think. Plus, he’s one of the coolest mascots around; who wouldn’t want a picture with him?

  3. A cool picture with Vili the Mascot!

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