Saints Lose Coaches To Miami Dolphins



Though the Cowboys have been the primary focus of the Dolphins’ efforts to rebuild the front office and coaching staff, the Fins are now turning their attention to New Orleans.
For starters, the Fins have hired Saints special teams coordinator John Bonamego, a nine-year NFL coaching veteran who worked with new head coach Tony Sparano in Jacksonville before stints in Green Bay and New Orleans. If, as we assume, Bonamego signed a contract with a duration longer than two years when joining the team in 2006, the Saints apparently didn’t feel strongly enough about keeping Bonamego to block the move.
John Bonamego
New Dolphins Asst. Coach
Next on the Fins’ wish list is Saints quarterbacks coach Pete Carmichael, Jr., who spent time with the Browns, Redskins, and Chargers before joining Sean Payton’s staff in 2006. Carmichael, 36, has been Drew Brees’ position coach for his entire career as an NFL starting quarterback. Even though the move is a promotion, the Saints could prevent Carmichael from leaving if, as we assume, Carmichael signed a contract with a duration longer than two years when joining the team in 2006.
Since neither Bonamego nor Carmichael were fired by the Saints after the 2007 season, we can only assume that head coach Sean Payton would have liked to keep them both. And that makes us wonder whether Payton deferred to Fins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells on this one, since it was Payton’s work under Parcells in Dallas that gave Payton a shot at becoming an NFL head coach.
Alternatively, it’s possible that Payton’s approach to his assistants is that he wants them to want to be part of the team, and that if they don’t want to be there Payton doesn’t want to force them to stay. If that’s the case, however, there’s no benefit to the team for having assistant coaches under contract for more than one year at a time.

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