Senior Bowl Observations

Okay, so I spent the better portion of this week in Mobile, Alabama at the annual Senior Bowl.
This is an event I enjoy covering each year. It’s laid back, the NFL coaches are accessible and the college players in the game are more than willing to talk about their futures in the NFL.
Some of my observations are as follows:
John David Booty reminds me of Drew Brees.
They both throw a pretty ball and seem to rely on understanding the offense as much if not more than on trying to use the physical skills they have. People in Mobile are saying Hawaii QB Colt Brennan is a younger version of Brees becuase each played predominately from the shotgun spread offense in college. But I disagree, I think Booty and Brees are a better comparison.

University of Maryland defensive tackle Dre Moore looked like a beast! The guy is described as a workout warrior and a player who’ll be boom or bust in the NFL. I can see that analysis being dead-on. He looked great in practices this week.

I’m not sold on Kentucky QB Andre Woodson. I had the chance to talk with Woodson and was very very impressed with him during our Q&A. What I was not impressed with was his arm strength….especially on the deep out throws. He either never really let it flew or doesn’t have the arm to let it fly. I think Woodson will struggle at the next level unit he finds an offense that suits his skills and arm strength.
LSU linebacker Ali Highsmith really impressed me with the way he goes sideline to sideline. I’d love to see the Saints take him in the 2nd round but I doubt they will. They really have so many other holes on their defense other then outside linebacker (where Scott Fujita & Sctt Shanle play). But if he’s available he’d be the best player on the board in the second round.

Caught Saints coaches talking to Tennessee tight end Brad Cottam and Oregon State Kicker Alexis Serna. I like both of these guys and could see both of them coming to New Orleans anywhere between the 4th and 7th rounds.
LSU wide receiver Early Doucet has not moved himself into the 1st round. That’s not saying he won’t be a first rounder just that he has not put himself in that category. Last year LSU’s Dwayne Bowe came to the senior as a 2nd rounder and after a strong week of practice he was a sure fire 1st rounder. Doucet has not done this.


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  1. That would be awesome if the Saints could draft Colt Brennan this year! Also, Notre Dame’s Tom Zbikowski would be another great draft pick for the Saints in the 2008 NFL Draft. Personally, I still think that the Saints could have drafted Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn last year, when they had the chance to do that; instead, they drafted Robert Meacham … and he didn’t play any time in the Saints’s 2007 games.

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