If I Were Hornets GM

Are the Hornets one of the best teams in the NBA?
Can (and will) they make a run deep into the western conference playoffs?
I think so.
Can this team improve?
You bet!
If I ran the show, if I were Hornets General Manager, here’s how I’d improve the team.
I’d make a blockbuster deal.
A deal like the kind I’m about the detail would not only help the club on the court but also at the box office.

Hornets trade Hilton Armstrong, Julian Wright, 2008 1st round draft pick and the expiring contract of former Hornet Arvydas Macjauskas to the Sacramento Kings.

Hornets receive Kings forward Ron Artest.

Why the deal works: The Kings get young players with potential who have manageable contracts. The Kings also get another draft pick and 2.5 million in cap relief once Macjauskas’ contract expires at the end of the year.

For the Hornets it gives the team an all star player capable of scoring 20 a night and playing lights out defense. A guy who could ease the burden on the fragile Peja Stojakovic and a marketable player that fans would come to see.
Sure, Artest is a flake and a guy who’s completely unpredictable, but getting the chance to play with a respected coach and all star players on a winning team should keep him quite and in line.

(Side Bar: The Hornets reached a buy out with Arvydas Macjauskas nearly 2 years ago but as far as I know the final year of his contract (2007-2008) is still on the books and a tradeable commodity).


Hornets trade Hilton Armstrong, Julian Wright, 2008 2nd round draft pick and the expiring contract of former Hornet Arvydas Macjauskas to the Miami Heat.

Hornets receive Heat guard/forward Ricky Davis

Why the deal works:
Like deal #1 Miami gets young players to help build for the future. They also get cap relief at the end of the season.
For the Hornets they get a former Hornet (from Charlotte) who can sometimes be very very selfish but who can score from anywhere on the floor. Like Artest Davis may shape up because of the coach, players around him the fact that the Hornets could make a deep run with him.


Re-sign Chris Andersen. Andersen was a popular fan favorite with the Hornets. Andersen was well respected by coaches and teammates and he fits the style of play the Hornets use. As a player Andersen is probably best described as “Tyson Chandler-lite”…..and I mean that in a good way. He could spell Chandler and the team would not have to change the way they play.
So bring the Birdman back!

Other names for Hornets fans to pay attention too as the trade deadline approaches:

Charlotte Bobcats Forward Matt Carroll

Orlando Magic Guard J.J. Reddick

Philadelphia 76er’s Guard/Forward Gordon Giricek

*One guy I would love to see the Hornets acquire would be Toronto Raptors forward Carlos Delfino. A great 6th man who’s scoring 9 points a night. But I can’t imagine the playoff bound Toronto Raptors ever giving up such a commodity no matter what the Hornets offered.


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  1. It would be cool having Artest playing for the Hornets. Also, I hope that the Hornets can bring back the Birdman!

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