If I Were Hornets GM (Part III)

As I’ve stated in previous blogs….if I were Hornets GM, I’d pull the trigger on a trade by the February 21st NBA trade deadline.

If you scroll down you can read previous blogs about guys I think the team should acquire.

But more and more the guy I think makes the Hornets stronger is playing against them tonight (Saturday, February 9th) in the arena.

Memphis Guard/Forward Mike Miller.

If the Hornets trade for Miller their line-up would look as follows:

Chris Paul

Mike Miller

Peja Stojakovic

David West

Tyson Chandler

Obtaining Miller would allow Morris Peterson to slide back into the 6th man role that he’s played for the majority of his career.

In Miller the Hornets get a 6’8 guard capable of scoring 20 a night and defending other 2’s in the league.

Peterson strengthens and adds much needed depth to a thin bench.

How would the deal work?

**Hornets Get:

-Mike Miller: 8.2 Million Dollar Contract (3 years remaining. Final year pays 9.7 million)

**Memphis Gets:

-Hilton Armstrong: 1.9 Million dollar contract

-Julian Wright: 1.7 million dollar contract

-2008 1st round draft pick

-Expiring contracts of (Arvydas Macijauskas, Bernard Robinson, Mile Ilic) 3 players totaling 4.4 million dollars.

Now, is this a lot to give up? Sure.

But the future is now for the Hornets. Fans are finally starting to come out to game and to get excited about this team.

The Hornets can’t settle for just a playoff birth, they need to make a serious push in the post season!

Acquiring Miller will help the Hornets do just that.

Memphis also makes out pretty good in the deal. They get over 4 million in money freed up for next season and get 2 young players and an extra draft pick.

The Grizzlies could see how Lowery, Conley, Gay, Wright and Armstrong could work as a starting 5.

And as I’ve stated before, the Hornets should also bring back Chris Andersen!

Now, if only I were Hornets General Manager!


Here’s another deal I’d try to push for that would work.

***Hornets Get:

-Vladimir Radmonovic: 5.6 million dollar contract (4 years left maxing out at 6.8 million)

***Lakers Get:

-Bobby Jackson: 5.6 million dollar contract (1 year left)

This deal gets the Hornets a small forward as insurance in case something happens to Peja down the stretch. The Hornets could also play big (as they did last year) and play Peja and Vlad in the same rotation by moving Peja to the 2-guard spot. In either case, having Radmonovic adds scoring depth to a team that desperately needs it.

Jackson is a proven playoff performer who could back up Derek Fisher. In getting Jackson the Lakers would also be able to bring Jordan Farmar into the post season slowly.

Some fans would say that the Hornets can’t give up Bobby Jackson because they need to have back up point guards behind Chris Paul. I disagree. Jannero Pargo is Paul’s back up and does a great job coming off the bench.

If it comes down to getting a 3rd point guard significant minutes in the playoffs because something has happend to Paul then the season is lost. So to me, having Jackson around is not necessary.


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