If I Were Hornets GM (Part IV)

Now the talks are starting to heat up!
I’ve been lobbying for the Hornets to make a big splash at the NBA trade deadline.
The guy I want to see the team acquire…Memphis guard/forward Mike Miller.
But it now seems like the Hornets don’t have the pieces to get that deal done. Also, Memphis wants the team that gets Miller to take on the bloated salary of Brian Cardinal. Too much money for the Hornets.
The Hornets trade talk now involves another 2-guard.

Ben Gordon!

Please get this player!
A guy who scores 20 a night. A player I’ve liked since his college days at UConn!
Will Chicago sign off on this deal?

Will the Hornets sweeten the pot enough to make it happen?
Right now sources say the deal breaks down like this.
Hornets would get:

Bulls guard Ben Gordon
Bulls would get:

Hornets guard/forward Rasual Butler and forward Julian Wright.

In essence it’s the proven Gordon for the potential of Wright.
I’d do it.

Paul, Gordon, Peja, West and Tyson. That’s a team that could make a deep run into the post season.

The Bull seem reluctant to do this deal and that’s justified becuase they’d be giving up a proven 20 a night scorer for nothing.

But, they do get a more manageable long term contract with Butler (Gordon could become a free agent at season’s end) and a Chicago born and raised high flyer in Wright.

I think this deal will get done!


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  1. Ben Gordon would be a great addition to the Hornets!

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