Grading The Hornets Trade

By Clarley Rosen

New Orleans-Houston
Hornets get: Mike James and Bonzi Wells

Rockets get: Bobby Jackson

Bonzi Wells is a dynamic baseline scorer. He can also rebound and play defense, but only when the spirit moves him. In a perfect world, Wells would be happy to fit the role he’s most suited for — being a scorer off the bench. Too bad Wells yearns to not only start, but be the focus of the offense. If he doesn’t get the playing time and the shots he thinks he deserves, then Wells can be — and has been — a totally disruptive force. Perhaps that’s why Wells has played for five different teams over the past five seasons.
It should also be noted that Wells had his most productive seasons under Rick Adelman in Portland. If Adelman failed to get the best out of Wells in Houston, then Bonzi’s career just may have progressed past the point of no return. But if Byron Scott can somehow make Wells happy, then the Hornets have themselves a potent scorer.
Mike James is a shoot-first point guard who possesses plenty of firepower. His 3-point accuracy demonstrates his consistency, but he has a penchant for looking for the chance to jack up 3-balls before looking for anything else. If his assist totals are admirable, the truth is that most of them come on drives-and-dishes and he’s reluctant to initiate offensive sets with passes from the perimeter.
Also, despite being able to score points in bunches, the fact that the Hornets will be his eighth team in the last six seasons says volumes about his selfish attitude. As is the case with Wells, if James accepts his backup role, then New Orleans comes out way ahead in this transaction.
Wells and James make the Hornets younger and also pump up their offense. However, since the Hornets currently sport the best record in the West, why would they risk disrupting their chemistry?
While the possible rewards may be grand, the Hornets have put their season in jeopardy.

New Orleans’ grade: Anywhere from an A to F, but most likely a C

One Response

  1. I agree, with a grade of C for the Hornets Trade. I just hope that Bonzi Wells plays well for the Hornets, & doesn’t cause any controversy/disrespect anyone.

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