Hornets Final 2 Roster Spots

Currently the Hornets have 13 players on their roster.
NBA teams can carry 15.
Yesterday Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower and Head Coach Byron Scott said they’ve reached out to 38 year old retired forward P.J. Brown about returning for a post season run.
The 2 also confirmed that they’ve been in contact with the agent for Chris Andersen and would like him to return once the NBA reinstates him after a 2 year suspension for violating the league’s substance policy.
The thought is that the Hornets are holding the final 2 roster spots for Brown and Andersen.
I’m all for that, P.J. is one of the classiest people I’ve ever met and I love the birdman and think that he’s truly paid his price and should be back in the NBA.
That said, I think the Hornets should sign either Brown or Andersen and then try to use their other roster spot to sign the recently released Brent Barry.
Barry was traded from San Antonio to Seattle 2 days ago and then immediately waived by the Sonics. Barry is nursing an injury but is free to sign with any team he chooses. If he wants to rejoin San Antonio he has to wait 30 days.
Odds of Barry rejoining the defending world champion Spurs? Real good.
But remember this. Back in 2006 the Hornets had a trade worked out to acquire Barry for J.R. Smith.
The deal feel through because the paper work didn’t arrive into the league office on time.
But obviously Byron Scott likes Barry and the veteran shooter would no doubt be a nice weapon off the bench.
Another veteran big man and another veteran shooter for the final 2 roster spots and I really do believe that this Hornets team could compete with any club in the western conference….even the Lakers (who seem unstoppable right now!).


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