Hornets Trade

What do I think of the Hornets trade?

The deal that in essence brought in Bonzi Wells and Mike James for Bobby Jackson?

I’m still not sure.

My initial response was “what the *#*^%?????”

I heard the name Bonzi Wells and instantly thought of the ‘Jail Blazers’ teams from the first part of this decade and all the headaches they caused Portland management, coaches and fans.

But the more I think about it I realize James does exactly what Jackson did as a point guard and Bonzi is a top notch scorer off the bench who’ll no doubt eat up serious minutes with Mo Peterson slumping badly.

The X-factor to me is Wells’ attitude.

His off the court antics read as follows:

During his tenure with the Blazers, Bonzi was suspended for two games for publicly cursing at his coach after being taken out of a game. Bonzi was also fined in a separate incident for making an obscene gesture to a fan.

In Memphis then coach Mike Fratello suspended Wells for undisclosed reasons causing him to miss the playoffs in 2005.

In Houston Wells got in then coach Jeff Van Gundy’s dog house and was suspended for several months.

I think Wells could be a huge distraction on a team with seemingly perfect team chemistry.

I also can’t get it out of my head that Wells is a free agent after this season and that if he wants any chance at a decent contract then he’ll shut his mouth and play hard for a team leading the western conference.

I hope the second of my two gut reactions is correct.

Personally, if I were Hornets general manager I would have swung for the fences if I were going to take a chance on team chemistry.

General Manager Jeff Bower made a small move. Admirable.

I think Bower is thinking that he has a group that could be like Utah a few years back or San Antonio. A core group that could keep his franchise in the post season for a decade. He may be right. Paul, Peja, West & Chandler are an awesome foursome. Hanging on to young players like Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong also helps the long term cause.

But like someone always told me…that’s why their is chocolate ice cream and that’s why their is vanilla ice cream….everyone likes something different.

And I would have liked to see something different.

I would have mortgaged the farm for a shot at a title this year.
Just like everyone else I’m enamored with Juilan Wright but I would have traded him and anyone else it took to land Ron Artest or Ben Gordon. Mainly Ron Artest.

Like Wells, Artest and Gordon can both become free agents after this year. Artest has never played better and right now seems to be sane.
Imagine a crunch time line up of
Paul, Peja, Artest, West and Chandler.

To me, as long as you keep the big 4 (Paul, Peja, West & Chandler) healthy and in-tact then you’ve got a playoff team year-in and year-out. The surronding cast can be replaced on a yearly basis.
So, if I were the one risking team chemistry…..I’d have gone all in and swung for the fences!
And I know I’m crazy because it’s a long way off but since I have no life I’ve also been reading up on the NBA draft and I’ve got the Hornets 1st round pick.
Hopefully that pick will be the final selection in the first round after the Hornets beat Boston in the NBA finals.
Keep and eye on this guy. Could he be the next Tyson Chandler?

Semih Erden
Ht: 7-0
Wt: 249
Int Team:
Fenerbahce Ülker Istanbul
Gaziosmanpasa, Turkey

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