Julian Wright…..Shooting Guard?????

I know this sounds crazy but after watching tonight’s Hornets Rockets game….why not give rookie Julian Wright more time as a shooting guard???

Morris Peterson has officially proved to me that he’s not a starter.

2 points vs. the Rockets!!!

For weeks I’ve watched him miss wide open shots and now feel like he’s hurting the team as a starter. He should be coming off the bench.
In my opinion it’s only a matter of time before the newly acquired Bonzi Wells replaces him as a starter.
As for Wright, the Hornets did not part with their best bargaining chip (Julian Wright) at the trade deadline and that’s probably a good thing.

Wright continues to improve. He’s always working hard at practice and shows signs of being a really good player.

I know the Hornets are smack-dab in the middle of a serious playoff push but why not try Wright more at the 2-guard spot?

Is Wright a true shooting guard? No!

Can he play the position? Sure.

Coming out of The University of Kansas last year many were unsure where Wright would play in the NBA. Experts said he wasn’t a good enough shooter to play the wing and not big enough to be a power forward and bang with the big boys.

But Wright hustles, has an improving shot from 15 and deeper and can slash to the basket and finish as well as anyone on the team.

Wright scored 10 points in the Houston blowout….so maybe it’s time to start working him into the rotation on a more consistant basis and see if he could be a factor come playoff time.

The is just my suggestion and I think it’s a good one with Peterson and Rasual Butler stuck in horrific slumps and Bonzi Wells being a wild card.


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