On My Brent Barry Soap Box

I read in the newspaper today where Byron Scott says he’ll consider making a change and starting the newly acquired Bonzi Wells if Morris Peterson doesn’t start playing better.
Peterson has been in a bad slump for over a month and has also been nursing injuries.

Should Bonzi get a chance to start? Sure.
Does Bonzi fit into the Hornets offense as a starter?

I don’t think so.

I’m not a basketball expert but to me Bonzi has always been a tremendous baseline scorer who does a great job of using his body to get into the paint against smaller guards. He’s never been a pure shooter or a guy who nails open shots.

In the offense the Hornets run it seems to me that having another pure shooter to go along with Peja is something the team needs.

When the playoffs start and teams slow things down having another reliable shooter is going to become very very important (Case in point, the previous 2 losses to Houston and San Antonio).

That said, I really believe Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower should be trying to sign Brent Barry.

Barry will become a free agent on Tuesday and is being courted by Phoenix, Houston, Boston and his former team the San Antonio Spurs.

On top of a playoff bound team the other big thing the Hornets can offer that none of the other teams can….a starting spot!
Barry could perhaps be the team’s starting shooting guard.

Why not?

Believe me, I love the Hornets and I think what this team has done this year is amazing.

But I worry about the rest of the season and the playoffs. I’m starting to see what guys like Charles Barkley and other experts told us during all star weekend. That the Hornets are just not deep enough to make a serious run.
I was not a fan of the Bonzi Wells deal (I thought the Hornets should have swung for the fences and tried to get Ron Artest) and think that the team needs to make another move or two to become serious.
So again I say, sign Brent Barry!

Hindsight is 20/20 side bar:

Personally, I always thought that the Hornets had their back court of the future when they signed Arvydas Macijauskas in 2005. He and Paul seemed a perfect fit. But Byron Scott never played Arvydas. On another team this guy could have perhaps become the next Manu Ginobili. But like Brandon Bass, Scott failed to develop and find a role for this player…..so he became frustrated and went back to Europe. Arvydas is now scoring over 20 a night in a Greek professional league. I think the Hornets could use him right now considering the shooting guard position has become such a black hole!)

One Response

  1. I agree: The Hornets should sign/should try to acquire Brent Barry! I bet that he would do great playing for the Hornets. I, too, am still a bit leery about Bonzi Wells, & hope that he doesn’t cause any controversy for the Hornets.

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