Pac-Man A Saint?


The Pacman era in Tennessee is working its way toward a conclusion.
According to Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper, cornerback Adam Jones has received permission from the Titans to seek a trade.
McCormick also reports that at least one team has been contacted about its potential interest in the player known more popularly as Pacman. The team in question wasn’t interested.
Really, who would be interested at this point? Jones hasn’t been officially reinstated after a one-year suspension imposed last April. He recently pleaded no contest to felony charges arising from an incident in which he allegedly did justice to his nickname by treating a cop like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and/or Clyde — Pacman allegedly bit the officer.
Suspended players can be traded, and Jones likely could be had for a much lower price, given his currently uncertain status.
And the reality is that Jones has two skills that teams value: the ability to cover opponents’ receivers, and the ability to return opponents’ kicks.
If someone out there is willing to assume the P.R. baggage that would go with bringing Jones to town, we suggest offering a a fifth-round pick that would upgrade to a fourth-round pick if Jones is reinstated before the draft. And then if Jones isn’t reinstated before the start of training camp, the Titans would owe the team that trades for Jones a fifth-round pick in 2009.
Why a fifth-rounder? Jones was the sixth overall pick in 2005. The guy taken one spot after him, receiver Troy Williamson, will be traded to the Jags for a sixth-rounder.

My question is this? Would the Saints, in desperate need of help in the secondary, be willing to take on such a P.R. nightmare?

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