P.J. Brown To The Celtics

Say it ain’t so P.J.?
Unfortunately it is.

Semi-retired power forward P.J. Brown will reportedly sign with the Boston Celtics before Friday.

P.J. is of course a Slidell resident and life long Louisianaian.
Many believed he was going to rejoin the Hornets for a playoff run. If not the Hornets then maybe the Dallas Mavericks because of the close proximity to New Orleans.
Really I can’t blame P.J. He’s 38 years old and wants a ring and the Celtics have a 50-50 chance of advancing to the NBA finals.
The eastern conference is so weak their are really only 2 real teams. Boston and Detroit.
P.J. will log some serious minutes with Boston. With a western conference team he would have been a back up big man only on the floor to give fouls.

So congrats P.J……I hope the Hornets meet your Celtics in the NBA finals!

One Response

  1. I wish P.J. Brown good luck with the Celtics; however, I wish he were back with the Hornets.

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