Saints Express Interest In Pacman Jones


On two separate occasions, suspended Titans cornerback Pacman Jones has said he’d like to play for the Dallas Cowboys.
Eventually, he might get his wish.

The Titans in recent weeks have talked to a number of teams about Jones, and so far the Cowboys have shown the most interest, sources familiar with the situation said.
The Miami Dolphins and a few others also appear interested.
Detroit, Oakland, Kansas City, Houston, NEW ORLEANS and New England are among those to have expressed at least some level of interest.
At this point, however, the teams are reluctant to make a trade because of the uncertainty that surrounds Jones’ future in the NFL. Agreeing on compensation is another hurdle. Teams don’t appear willing to give a high draft pick for Jones, and the Titans are inclined to wait to see whether they can get a draft pick that meets their satisfaction.
Jones was suspended in April 2007 after a string of off-the-field incidents. Last month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he had no plans to reinstate Jones anytime soon.
Goodell indicated he planned to review the case again closer to the opening of training camps in July. Manny Arora, Jones’ attorney and agent, had said he planned to ask Goodell to re-examine the matter leading up to the April 26-27 NFL Draft. There’s at least a possibility Goodell would allow a trade to take place if the Titans are able to work out a deal with another team.
So what would be fair compensation for Jones?
Barely a week ago, receiver Troy Williamson, the seventh pick in the 2005 draft, was traded from Minnesota to Jacksonville for a sixth-round pick in April’s draft. Jones was selected just one spot ahead of Williamson in the same draft.
The Titans would argue Jones has more upside on the field. Other teams, of course, certainly are pointing to his troubles off it.

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  1. I just hope that Pacman Jones doesn’t start any controversy again, whether he is with the Saints, Cowboys, Patriots, etc.

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