How Fat Is J-Russ???


Kudos to the reader who pointed out to us a riveting nugget buried in a free-agency review from Don Banks of
Per Banks, there are rumors that Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell is closing in on 300 pounds.
Three. Hundred. Pounds.
He’s officially listed on the team’s web site at 255.
If Russell is indeed up to 300 pounds, he’d take over the crown of heaviest NFL quarterback from Giants backup Jared Lorenzen, who is listed at 285.
Then again, if the Lord of the Ring Dings is officially listed at 285, our guess is that he’s already north of 300.


One Response

  1. If J-Russ is 300 pounds, I hope that he loses some of that weight soon, if he wants to be a good quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. Brady Quinn, who followed J-Russ as the second quarterback chosen in last year’s NFL Draft (I still think that Brady Quinn should have been chosen as the 1st quarterback in last year’s draft), is lean and healthy, & would never gain that much weight.

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