Thank You Steve Gleason

Saints special teams stand out Steve Gleason has retired.

Gleason told me tonight he wants to leave the NFL with his health intact.
The former Washington State University linebacker missed all of 2007 with a knee injury.
Gleason will marry Michelle Varisco in May and then spend several months traveling the world (which seems just about right for him).

{This article was originally written and published on this blog September 26th, 2006. The day after the Saints beat Atlanta to reopen the Superdome.
That night Steve Gleason made a play that made people in this region forget all the pain, heartbreak and tragedy that they’d been feeling for 12 months since Katria changed our lives forever. }
Steve Gleason is the King of New Orleans! Make no mistake, Gleason is one of us.
Last night he became a made man, a true yat!
The guy was already a fan favorite due to his gritty gutty style of play but last night he took it to a higher level.
When you think about it, Gleason is everything good about New Orleans. He’s the little man, the underdog, the guy who’s had to work harder than anyone else to stick around in the NFL and succeed.
Gleason is a common man with an uncommon knack making big plays.
His efforts make us all feel better and realize what’s possible through hard work.
People rebuilding and needing inspiration – look no further than Gleason. If he can do what he did you can certainly rebuild!
Gleason gets this town. He lives in a historic neighborhood, he loves Jazz Fest, the guy constantly brags about the food, music, culture and architecture of this city.
I almost cried when he blocked that kick last night. Historically, his play will be a mere footnote in Saints sports history but to me, in some small way, what Steve Gleason did last night will be one of the most fulfilling sports moments of my life.

Thanks Steve!
To Watch Gleason’s amazing play click on the link below:

2 Responses

  1. We will miss Steve Gleason; he has done so much for the Saints! I will always consider him one of the Saints’s greatest players, who made a difference for the team! Congratulations on his & Michelle Varisco’s upcoming wedding in May! That is wonderful news!:) I wish them all the best in life!

  2. I was at that game. It was the best game I have ever attended in any sport at any level, and I will always remember the moment that Gleason blocked that punt. It set the tone for the rest of the game.
    That game is a symbol of how far we (New Orleans) had come and how much more we could achieve.
    Good luck Steve Gleason. On behalf of all Saints fans and New Orleanians, I would like to say that we will miss you and we wish you nothing but the best in the future. Thanks for your efforts and for that special moment.

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