And The Next LSU Basketball Coach Is…..

Now that LSU’s basketball season is mercifully over…..the search for a new head coach is on.

Interim Head Coach Butch Pierre will get consideration but I doubt he’s the guy.
Sources tell us the 3 men listed below are the top candiates.
Anthony Grant
Virginia Commonwealth University
WHY: Grant was hired last year by The University of Florida to replace Billy Donovan. But 24 hours after leaving UF for the Orlando Magic, Donovan decided to return to coach the gators. None the less, Grant is still a hot commodity. Grant is also a former UF assistant coach who knows the SEC.
Sean Miller
Xavier University
Xavier is constantly one of the chalk teams in the A-10 and a tournament team. Miller has developed players and run a clean program at a private Jesuit University.
He respects academics and is ready to coach in a major conference.
Travis Ford
University of Massachusetts
WHY: A former University of Kentucky player Ford had a breakout season last year when his minutemen finished 24-9 overall and beat Alabama in the first round of the NIT.
(and when I mean super wild cards….I mean, no chance at all!!!!!)
Tim Floyd
WHY: I only put his name on this list to spark conversation. I love Floyd and think he’s a tremendous coach but can’t imagine him leaving USC for LSU.
Robert Montgomery “Bobby” Knight (The General)
(Retired…but says he’ll coach again)
WHY: Same as Floyd….no chance of coming to LSU, but why not let fans hope and dream. On a personal note, I think Bobby Knight is one of the greatest coaches ever….in any sport! I love the discipline, the passion…I love it all!
Andy Kennedy
Ole Miss
WHY: Better yet, why not…the reigning SEC coach of the year. Right now, Ole Miss is a better basketball program then LSU. Kennedy is a Mississippi native who I can’t see leaving his home state for a program in transition.

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  1. That would be really nice if either Sean Miller or Tim Floyd became the next LSU Basketball Coach.

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