Fletch’s Bracketology

If you’re filling out a last minute bracket here’s my Final Four.

And for the record….I’m one of those people that chooses crazy upsets….because what fun is it to pick all #1’s?
East: #1 North Carolina

Why: I don’t love the Tar Heels as much as I have no confidence in any other team in the east regional. I think Tennessee and Louisville are frauds. Washington State peaks my cusiosity, St. Joseph’s has always been one of my favorite schools and I watched Butler destroy Tulane….but I don’t think any of those clubs can upset UNC, a team playing every regional game in North Carolina.
West: #1 UCLA

Why: I Love Xavier and had them going to the final 4 simply because I think UCLA keeps teams close and that the Musketeers would pull off an upset in the elite 8. But the more I thought about it, UCLA just seems too good for this weak regional. If Kevin Love and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are healthy the Bruins won’t be beat!
South: #2 Texas

Why: D.J. Augustin is a local kid from Brother Martin High School and the Longhorns are deep. I’ve taken Memphis to reach the Final Four each of the past 2 seasons and they’ve let me down so now I’m officially off their band wagon. In fact, I don’t think Memphis will get past Pitt. in the sweet 16 of this midwest regional. I think Texas will have a tough time with the Panthers but that they will win.

Midwest: #6 USC

Why: I’m playing with my heart and not my head here. I’m taking the Trojans simply because I always loved Tim Floyd at UNO and when he coached the Hornets. The guy is a great coach. Plus, I really believe O.J. Mayo is going to use the big dance to show that his moves are more than NBA ready.

First round upsets I like:
#9 Oregon over #8 Mississippi St.

#10 St. Mary’s Over #7 Miami

#11 St. Joseph’s over #6 Oklahoma

One Response

  1. I am rooting for those teams to do well: North Carolina, USC, UCLA, & Texas. Also, I hope St. Mary’s & St. Joseph’s continues to play their best!

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