Zurich Classic Photos

Yeah yeah yeah….these pictures are about 2 weeks late.


Some shots from the annual Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

Our cities PGA Tour event drew record crowds.

1st time champion Andres Romero.

Only in New Orleans does the winner march up the 18th hole with the St. Augustine Marching 100. The famous high school band was quite a treat.

Travers and his ‘finacee’ Lauren.

After an alligator stopped play during round 1 some of the restaurant owners catering the tourney decided to cook gators the rest of the weekend. This was one of the little guys that ended up as part of a dish.

New Orleans rock band ‘Better Than Ezra’ closed out the tournament in the concert hall on the 18th green. As always, Kevin, Tom, Travis and Jim were amazing.

All in all, one of the best years ever for the Zurich Classic.

Congrats to Tommy Fonseca and his entire staff for doing such an amazing job!


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  1. Why thank you…it was a great week and WDSU was a great partner to Fore!Kids. Hopefully the partnership will grow!

    I would also agree that Washington DC is a great city; with a outstanding football team.

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