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Posted by Mike Florio on April 10, 2008, 9:02 a.m.
Last month, there were rumors and reports of discussions between the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants regarding a possible trade that would send tight end Jeremy Shockey from Broadway to the Bayou.
As we’d last heard it, the Giants wanted a second-round pick and safety Roman Harper, and the Saints declined.
But now renewed talk of a possible trade is emerging, from an unlikely source. Several readers have pointed out to us that WWE announcer Jim Ross has posted the following entry on his blog: “Reggie Bush was also at [WrestleMania] 24 and was hanging around Snoop Dogg’s trailer most of the afternoon on Sunday. My sources tell me that the New York Giants are going to trade outstanding TE Jeremy Shockey to Bush’s Saints, prior to the NFL draft. Shockey is an Oklahoma kid from Ada who told me last week he was looking forward to playing for the Saints.”
Shockey has been the subject of extensive speculation, given that he played no role in the team’s stunning postseason run. Some believe that Eli Manning never would have become a championship-caliber quarterback is Shockey had not been injured.

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  1. If the Giants do trade Jeremy Shockey to the Saints, I just hope that he will do well for the team, & not cause any problems.

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