Mackel Twins In D.C.

My brother Travers and I took a quick trip to our nation’s capital over the weekend.
When he and I travel together it’s pretty boring…but just what we need.

As two people who are extremely hyper (or obnoxious) and who work crazy hours and strange days we just kind of chill out. I know most people can’t imagine the two of us being laid back….but we are.

First of all, I’ve gotta say, I really enjoy D.C.

The history, the architecture (I could walk around Georgetown all day), the international flavor of the city.

I hope one day the leaders we have in New Orleans can transform Tulane Ave. and Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. into a place like 18th St. in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC.

I want to see Central City undergo a transformation like the Navy Yard area in DC is going through.

Basically, like all cities I visit, I want to take the best, most desirable places and practices and make them come to fruition here in New Orleans.

Now, back to our trip.

We saw our good friend from college, Rebecca Vestal.

Vestal is a tremendous person, a great tour guide and it’s always good to see her.

Travers and I stayed at a hotel called ‘The Churchill’.

Solid little boutique hotel just a few blocks down from the best restaurants in the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

As former college baseball players and die hard baseball fans, we of course took in 2 Washington Nationals games.
The brand new stadium is magnificant and our seats were in the 3rd row behind the Nats bench.

Our seats were just across the isle from actor Robert Wuhl (Bull Durham & HBO’s Arliss) and famed columnist George Will. Wuhl actually threw out the first pitch against the Atlanta Braves before Friday night’s game.
As for the play on the field, the Nationals are nothing more than a good AAA ball club. They’ll lose close to 100 games this year.

But Washington does have a player Travers and I are very familiar with.

Nationals pitcher Saul Rivera played against Travers and I in college.

Back when we were at Loyola, Saul was pitching and playing shortstop for the University of Mobile.
Saul was a switch hitting shortstop. A guy who couldn’t really hit but who could play some serious defense and dial it up on the mound.

Rivera no doubt still fears the Mackel heater! (Just kidding)

The Mobile Rams actually had one of the best 1-2 pitching combos in all of college baseball in the late 90’s. Rivera and J.C. Romero.
Romero also pitches in the big leagues. The lefty has been a MLB bullpen fixture since making his debut in 1999.
Taking a quick walk down memory lane:
Back in 1997 I started games against both Romero and Rivera.
My box score vs. these two looked as follows: 1-1, 12 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 8 SO, 6 BB, 3 HBP
Travers, our teams starting shortstop, was 1-6 combined vs. the two with a BB and a run scored. He went o-3 against Romero when J.C. tossed a 1 hit shut out against our Wolfpack in New Orleans. He finished 1-3 with a BB against Rivera in Mobile. Travers says his one hit was a solid double…I recall it being a duck-snort snigle….but I could be wrong.
It took Rivera 8 long years in the minors to make it to ‘The Show’……and though we’re not exactly close friends who’ve stayed in touch over the years it did make me smile to see him wearing a major league uniform playing in the big leagues……The New $610 million dollar Nationals Park sure is a long way from Wesley Barrow Stadium in New Orleans!
Good luck Saul.

And that’s it…a quick recap from our trip to DC.


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  1. That is nice how you & your brother Travers took a trip to Washington, D.C. over the weekend, Fletcher! It is a beautiful city. My family & I would love to visit D.C. one day, with its history, architecture, & political happenings. šŸ™‚

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