Hornets New Look…..I’ve Got A Few Suggestions

Did you know…..the Hornets will be unveiling new uniforms, a new logo and a new color scheme this off season.  Seriously, they’re changing their entire look!

I can’t wait.

The team’s main logo will be the fleur de bee.

I know some superstitious people will say “don’t change anything because the team is doing so well right now” but I think changing the logo, colors and uniforms makes perfect sense.

Personally, I thought the team should have changed names when they first arrived in New Orleans in 2002. 

But since that didn’t happen, finally adopting a logo that contains a symbol that everyone in New Orleans embraces is a smart move.  Changing colors is also savvy….the Hornets have new found popularity due to the amazing run they’re on and breaking out new duds will help with merchandising.

Changing things up also further distances the team from it’s original home of Charlotte and it’s one time adpoted home of Oklahoma City.   

Now, to my suggestions….please put ‘NOLA’ on the front of one of the new uniforms. Not all of them, just one!


It’s such great lettering, it looks great and it truly represents our city and people. 

Another city doing something similiar to ‘NOLA’ would be the Phoenix Suns.  The Phoenix Suns Orange ‘PHX’ jersey is one of the leagues best selling.  It’s also one of the coolest looking in all of sports.

As for the colors.  I hope they make a drastic change.  I know it probably won’t happen but it should. 

Look, the Arizona Diamondbacks won a Major League Baseball World Series in 2001 and then changed their colors drastically in 2006.


Why can’t the Hornets do the same?  Win a championship this year and then reinvent their look for next year!



2 Responses

  1. The Hornets win a playoff series and then beat the Suprs by nearly 20 points and all you have to comment about is the color of their jersey? Are you sure you’re a sports caster? Shouldn’t you be on the red carpet with Joan Rivers?

  2. I would be really disappointed to not see the words “New Orleans” on the Hornets uniform. George Shinn has been very good about putting the city’s name on the road and home uniforms. It is great publicity for New Orleans.

    NOLA might seem hip in a wierd way but only to New Orleanians, the rest of the nation would not get it. I think Phoenix’s use of PHX is dumb. It looks like an airport code.

    Please, please, keep New Orleans on the Hornets’ chests.

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