Where Will Perrilloux Land? Jacksonville State University?

Rumors are swirling as to where troubled quarterback Ryan Perrilloux will land?

Luckily for RP he’s not going to jail.

Hopefully his dismisal from the LSU football team will wake him up and he’ll realize the talent he’s throwing away. 

The Birmingham News is reporting that Jacksonville State University head coach Jack Crowe has had contact with the Perrilloux family.

Jacksonville State is one of at least three state teams that have holes at quarterback.

Crowe kicked his 2007 starter, Cedric Johnson, off the team for violation of team rules following the season.

Also, Alabama A&M is looking to replace departed starter Kelcy Luke.

Asked if Alabama A&M would be interested in the 6-foot-2, 222-pound junior-to-be who redshirted as a freshman out of East St. John High School, A&M head coach Anthony Jones said, “I’m not going to be able to comment until or unless that happens. It’s not fair to the kid and not fair to us.”

I also think Nicholls State is in the running to land Perrilloux.


One Response

  1. Whether he goes to Nicholls State, Alabama A&M, or Jacksonville State, I just hope that Ryan Perrilloux uses that opportunity/second chance to make a fresh start for himself. It is a shame if he lets all of his talents go to waste.

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